20 December 2015


So can anyone actually believe christmas is 5 DAYS AWAY? 5 MORE SLEEPS? Are you prepared? I'm not completely prepared, I don't think i'll be prepared unless I start in January.

I've been so unorganised this year, with work, Brad's work, Lucas at nursery and migraines for the past week, we've lacked in excitement and feeling un-festive. I am one of the worlds biggest christmas obsessives EVER, i'm the one who wraps the presents 2 months in advance, in beautiful paper, with bows, ribbon and matching labels and then regrets it as I miss not being able to do it later on, closer to christmas day. Although, this usually helps me spare more time to do crafts, baking and wander the market in town or go to garden centres.

This year i've put off wrapping, i've still done the beautiful wrapping with bows, ribbon and matching labels and have the cutest nordic wrapping paper, in tartan, stags and stars, but i just have lost the christmas spirit.

I have been doing some christmassy things, and listening to christmas music and just being all festive but not totally "feeling it."
I think the fact we've not had lots of money to throw around this year, like usual, due to the change in jobs has played a huge part.

Lucas is in the christmas spirit and he's certainly feeling more festive than us, he's loving all the lights, laughing at santa, watching christmas films and he's got the cutest, little booty shake going on to christmas songs. He's got some proper cute christmas clothes too and he still fits in last years too.
Lucas has even made us some cute little crafts at nursery, which is wonderful as we've been feeling very guilty, as we haven't had the time or spare money to purchase things with this year. 

This christmas we're staying home, the first year, in my entire life, that I wont be leaving the house at all on christmas! I'm cooking my first christmas dinner, we're be waking up in our own house, and family coming to visit us. We have visitors from about 9am and then my brother and his girlfriend over for christmas dinner, and then... my mum, her partner, my nan, my uncle, my brother, his girlfriend all around in evening for nibbles, bubble and squeak and games. We're so excited. Lucas is going to be in his element.

We're working with the money we have this year and as christmas is drawing ever so close, I am getting more and more excited. We're going to look at some christmas lights this evening, we're daily vlogging and just getting into the spirit of christmas more.

Tonight I think seeing all the lights will make me more festive and seeing that little face, certainly makes me excited for christmas!!

It's not long until christmas day!!
love from,