12 December 2015


So christmas is fast approaching and what a stressful, yet exciting time it is. No matter how obsessive you are with christmas, like myself, you are, it's still a stressful time of year, and one thing Ella's kitchen have got covered for you are an already made christmas dinner. This is obviously aimed at the younger children, to save you pureeing the dinner you've made, it also saves you scrimping on the yummy salt and pepper seasonings and reducing the fat on your roasties, it means that if your little one decides they are hungry, 1 hour before dinner is going to be ready and dished up, and they want it there and then, just heat this up and bam, they have their dinner served up and no longer have a screaming baby, you have a less hungry little munchkin, and finally, because Ella's kitchen are so organic and so tasty.

If your little one is Lucas' age, then you can do what I do with these, I heat them up, pour them into a bowl, give him some bread and a spoon, and voila, you have a organic soup, in more flavours then any soups heinz do, specifically aimed for children and no salt, no sugars, and delicious soups.
I will be getting him some of these, not just for christmas day, but for the run up, he loves soup and bread, and this will be great for those winter days, and for a quick easy dinner in the evening before bed.


I don't know whether you've seen or not, but along with this christmas pouch, they've realised a really cute parody of "downtown abbey" It's totally cute and the children are such brilliant actors and actresses.

The exclusive film has been created to celebrate Ella’s Kitchen’s partnership with Save the Children where 30p from the sale of each jingle belly Christmas Dinner pouch will be donated to Save the Children’s award–winning Families and Schools Together programme (FAST).

Taking place on Christmas day, ‘Down Town Babby’ sees the Crawling family face the prospect of no Christmas dinner thanks to a cold oven and forgetful characters. Cue much alarm and all hands on deck to rescue the day! Will they be able to enjoy Christmas turkey with all the trimmings, or will they have to accept that this year, there just won’t be any Brussel sprouts?
Set in a grand, stately mansion, viewers will be treated to a troupe of little ones all dressed up in period costumes and playing a host of whimsical characters. From a busy family cook and her head-in-the-clouds assistant, to the haughty, formidable matriarch and a recently-returned relative back to save the day, the period film adds a little bit of magic to the festive season.

So gather your little ones and settle down together and watch ‘Down Town Babby’ it's available now to watch. Search Ella’s Kitchen on YouTube to see the magic unfold or watch the link below and be sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter @EllasKitchenUK , @dearlittlelucas and @SaveChildrenUK.