10 September 2015


As you all know I love blogging, i've had my blog for 2 years now and enjoy reading other peoples blogs, i've gained 13,000 blog followers in the past 2 years and that is such a crazy number. I can't quite believe it really, it's amazing.

My favourite thing to do is sit in the bath with a cup of tea, lush bath bomb fizzing around my toes, bubbles up to neck, candles lit and reading peoples blogs on the Ipad. It's honestly my best past time. Some people like to read books or listen to music but for me its "all about the blogs, bout the blogs" - sorry about that; bet you sung it though.

Anyway... basically, i love looking at peoples themes and layouts and have been trying to find the perfect look for my blog and after changing it and changing it, i've given up on tumblr and have decided to move to blogger to make it how i've always wanted it. Well here I am and it's finally how i've wanted it and I love it. 

Lucas is helping mummy blog.

The old dearlittlelucas had got really dull, tired and the design was so neglected and wanted it to be new, fresh and more inviting for readers.
So we're back, new website, new design and lots and lots of new posts and ideas coming up. What do you all think of the re-design? This will make it easier for you to comment on and for you to want to read.
I am awful at multi-tasking through different social media pages, trying to keep up with my own, oh lilla's and everything else in my life gets all a little difficult and crazy.
I will be continuing with tumblr but more casually and less formal, all my long posts will be over here.

So anyway! 

Thanks for stopping by