8 September 2015


Autumnal Adventure!Today we went out to a BBQ for the mayflower theatre (my mums partner is a manager there.)

We played in the park, are burgers & hotdogs, got chased by wasps and got licked by a cow (well Lucas did.)
Having a boy means mud, crawling and exploring. (well a girl can too) This also means that going on an “adventure” means that Lucas ends up very mucky due to his laziness with walking.
Today he’s wearing:
Top - Zara
Jeans - next
Boots - River Island
Hat - Zara
Today I am wearing:
Dress - primark
Leather jacket - primark
Headband - primark
You can see where my clothing priorities lie! Lucas gets all high-end high street fashion and I get good ol’ primark.
Today was full of lots of belly giggles, mummy talk and ended in a bath and a change of clothes!
Adventure with the little dream is perfect! Adventure in autumn is wanderlust.
So excited for more autumnal trips.