8 September 2015


So this is a little personal post, and a little different to my normal posts but saw the phrase on facebook the other day and thought i’d talk about what I think my house would say about us, if it could talk.
When you decide to Vlog, blog and instagram, you’re opening yourself up to millions and millions of people. The world wide web is used by millions of people EVERYDAY, and just because you don’t have 10million subscribers or followers, doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Either way you are NEVER going to be liked by everyone on the internet, there are a small handful of rude and nasty people, who will deliberately unlike one of your vlogs, or anonymously send you hate. This is because the internet allows you to hide behind a screen and pretend to be someone you’re not. This allows people to make fake accounts, hide behind an anon and be really mean.
Unfortunately this is never going to change. When you start blogging and vlogging this is something you need to prepare yourself for and accept.
Luckily though they’re a bigger handful of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and will support you.

I’m not saying how I portray myself on the internet is different to who I really am but what this post is going to explain is, that we have control over how we portray something and is only a really small insight to our lives.
I’ve started daily vlogging (littlelucasvlogs) and that obviously shows 15minutes of my day MAX, 15 minutes isn’t enough time in a day to know everything about that person or family, my blog post about tips and tricks wont always work, and i certainly don’t think i’m perfect because i’m offering tips out and because I work with companies wont mean i’ll pretend to like things or that i’m un-humble and big headed. Unfortunately I see this too often and by some of the “bigger bloggers” but you know if they posted every argument, sad thing or bad moment in their life, they’d be portrayed differently.

Im writing this post now so you do get to know the real us.
If our house could talk it would say, we’re just like any normal family. We have laughter, smiles, tears, tantrums, arguments but the biggest bucket of love you could ever find.
Anyone who says “we NEVER argue,” “Never get upset” “never shout” “never cry” and have the most perfectly, immaculate house are usually lying.
I’m not going to take a picture of the mountain of clothes washing, the full washing up bowl, the food splatted on the wall at tea time and i’m not going to write about every little argument, every tantrum, everytime I cry or everytime I feel angry or not myself. I’d bore myself and you guys; I’d probably have no readers or viewers left either.
I tend to switch off from the blogging and vlogging world when i feel rubbish to save myself from that.
If my house could talk it would tell you, that although I will always say online how perfect and happy my family are and how my son is my world and Brad is the best thing since sliced bread, that it isn’t always like this. I’m not lying when i write that online, but I don’t share the times I want to run away because Lucas is having a particularly bad day or because Brad’s being a pain in the ass and we’ve argued over the fact that the washing hasn’t been done or who’s the most tired. It’s usually over something really stupid or i’m having a really bad day with anxiety and i’m really not happy.
If my house could talk it would tell you that mostly this house is full of the cutest baby belly laughs, Brad and I laughing until I’m basically having an asthma attack, cuddles, duvet days, lots of disney and dancing around in our underwear/nappy all together to Disclosure, Sam Smith or silly songs. It would also tell you that Brad and I like to make up stupid songs; Basically we take normal songs and change the lyrics. We’re not as normal as portrayed online. (Am i portrayed as normal?) 
Basically moral of this post is every blogger/vlogger has things they don’t post online and to remember that some “perfect” but unhumble bloggers aren’t always as perfect as they think.