8 September 2015


So I don’t know if you remember but before I went to Disney I put up a post about “Top 15 things I can’t wait to do in Disneyland” well I thought i’d compare it now with a review of those things, my reactions, whether i did it or not, and some tips if you’re off to disneyland anytime soon.

1. Mickey Mouse Pancakes

- This never happened, I looked EVERYWHERE and all I could find was a cookie in the shape of Mickey Mouse - I was very disappointed.

2. The first sight of the castle

- Well considering the first thing I said was “It doesn’t even look like a castle,” to everyone reacting with “Do you think thats the castle? Nicole thats the hotel” I was very glad. The hotel is impressive but not an impressive castle, the castle is in fact absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 

3. The fireworks show

Amazing, a million times better than I ever remember from Disneyworld. The light show was breathtaking and just insane. Highly recommended.

4. Ride on it’s a small world

What a disappointment, it was shut for refurbishment; I was so gutted. 

5. See the Disney magic parade

This is like the fireworks show, It’s incredible, so much better than I ever remember. It bought tears to my eyes and made me feel all magical.

6. Meet the characters

Well we met, Tigger, Eeyore, Alice, The mad Hatter, Mickey mouse and Snow white! They were amazing, the dedication of the staff in those suits! 30degree+ heat and stuck in a Tigger costume, still bouncing around and posing for the kids. So much respect, they always stayed in character too.

7. The Frozen Experience

This was better than I ever imagined and less shoved down your throat too. I thought it was going to be over powering but it wasn’t. The frozen show in the frozen section was AMAZING, i loved it. One criticism is why is it when you go to purchase something from “Wandering Oakens trading post” they’re not trained to go “woo ooh, big summer blowout” That would have made my night. Tip for you there Disney.

8. Ride on the disney train

We were watching the Frozen sing-a-long during this bit, I wasn’t overly fussed with standing in a 60minute wait either.

9. Eat at a disney restaurant 

We did eat at a couple but didn’t eat at Pizza planet as the day we found it, we were all sick of eating junk food.

10. The hotel stay

Was wonderful. we didn’t spend much time there, so would suggest not spending a fortune on a hotel room.  Ours was so cool as it was Pirate themed. 

11. Buying loads of disney merchandise! 

We spent €600 on souvenirs and we don’t even feel bad or regret it!
Disney haul video is inserted below.

12. wearing minnie mouse ears around the park

Yep it happened! I don’t regret it. You don’t even feel out of place, EVERYONE does it.

13. The ratatouille ride

Well, lets start off saying this is a negative. Unfortunately we didn’t get to enjoy it. Lucas wasn’t allowed to sit on our laps and the seat was huge and before we even got a chance to get off the ride it had started. Lucas was slipping about and the bar thats meant to stop him slipping, wasn’t low enough. He then became scared and tried crawling out of the cart, i managed to sit him on my lap and calm him slightly and only have him crying due to being a little scared by everything and the ride stopped. We were told over a call out to sit him back on the seat. Well this then resulted in everything from the beginning to repeat itself. We had a very awful experience on this ride and was a huge disappointment. I would suggest that you look at the seats and weigh up whether they are going to slip, even holding them doesn’t work as it distresses them more. It’s not very good in our eyes for small children as they are to small to sit in the seat. Such a shame.

14. The photograph opportunities 

It’s pretty obvious disney was full of great photo moments and honestly we have about 600+ just from my camera. 

15. Making memories

We’ve got a bunch of physical memories and emotional memories. The constant giggles, the fact Lucas learnt to point, the fact he just completely fell into the disney magic bubble and you could tell he really enjoyed himself.
We have had the most amazing time EVER, we can’t even explain how magical it was and we can’t wait to go back again. We may even be going back next year in November. Absolute dream world.