So we’re here, already day 3 of disneyland memories, the last day, that means i’ve been back in England 3 days all ready, thats depressing. One more day and i’m back to work and back to reality. I have a disney haul video lined up for tomorrow, a tips and tricks blog post too and then i think i’ll stop spamming you guys. I’ll be changing my header back soon, and then it really will be back to reality and sadness.
Day three included both parks, we popped into walt disney studios for a couple of minutes to meet spiderman but the wait was huge and Lucas would have got bored, so we went shopping and went back into parc disneyland. 
We started off with a mad rush to Disney in the morning and queing up for princess reservations. The boys and my mum headed off to discovery land and Daisy and I went excitedly to book our princess meeting slot. We then joined them in discovery land happy with our new reservation time.
We found Wall-e and Eva and thought they were the cutest of all time. Then Gareth rode space mountain and pooped himself, and we all took a toilet break and Lucas had a little nap.
We then explored the disney village, treated Lucas to disney duplo, ate a sandwich, drank STARBUCKS red velvet frapps, shopped, went back into parc disneyland, took posey photos in front of the castle, met Snow white, bought frozen blue slushies and then went for dinner at the rainforest cafe.
Dinner was lovely and I didn’t photograph or film as I totally forgot too but it was insane, I went in florida and it’s just as great as I remember. The thunder storm was wonderful and Lucas loved watching it.
We then ran back to Parc Disney to catch the English version of the Frozen sing-a-long, to find we were 5 minutes too late. We purchased Lucas a Sven teddy and if you spent over €20 you got a changeable Olaf toy for €12.99 instead of €24.99 so we got that to wrap up for christmas (i’ll show you properly in the haul vlog.) Before I went I said that I wanted to purchase the Sven teddy for Lucas from Wandering Oakens trading post, so was so excited that I got to do it.
We got a top up on our slushies and then decided after a little joke and giving each other the look, we decided, “screw it, when in France” and went to the french showing! Well it was amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was brilliant. Lucas’ face when Olaf walked on stage was adorable, the excitement and his little point and giggle. So cute.
Then it was final shopping, spending the last of our euros and then leaving with tears in our eyes, really sad but holding some incredible memories in our heads and our hearts. What a truely magical holiday and we can’t wait to come back soon or even to Florida. 

Thank you for having us Disneyland Paris!