8 September 2015


So here we are ready to go with day two! Day two included oversleeping slightly, a very exciting meeting with a mouse and Lucas being in a dream land. This was the day Lucas learnt to point at things he liked and say “ooh” or “ook”  too and that was just adorable. Listening to him giggle at things was adorable and heart melting too.
First off we met MICKEY MOUSE, we stood in the que and Lucas caught Mickey mouse and he was “oohing” and doing his classic shocked face. Lucas kissed Mickey’s nose and thought it was wonderful.
We then moved onto exploring and seeing lots of exciting pixar characters! Mike was my favourite. Monsters inc even had scream monitors and I had a wonderful scream contest. I am sure I won.
We decided to split up and take Lucas to see Stitch Live and Disney Junior Live. You weren’t allowed to take any pictures or videos in Stitch Live, but it was wonderful.
Disney Junior was amazing, so much energy and well thought out entertainment for the kids. Instead of having the kids queing in the sun for an extra 25minutes, you go through to a “holding area” and it has a huge pano screen on the wall and it plays songs from the disney junior channel. This was lovely and Lucas enjoyed dancing around with daddy. Next thing we know, Jake and Sofia come out and start dancing with the little ones. Lucas was so fascinated. He clocked Sofia straight away and smiled, then as she walked past she stroked his face and he was shocked. Then when we got through we celebrated Minnies birthday and saw Handy manny, little Einstein’s, pooh and friends and the Mickey mouse clubhouse puppets. It was thoroughly enjoyable, except adults pushing kids out of the way to get to the front.
We then had Lunch and Lucas ate in a Mickey mouse highchair, explored, went on a tram ride, rode ratatouille (lets not talk about that, if you have small children around Lucas’ age, don’t put them on it, they cant sit on laps and they don’t fit the seat, they slide forward, and then if they’re like Lucas get scared and try climbing out the cart.)

We then headed back to Parc disney and bought candyfloss and a Mickey mouse shaped cookie.
Lucas shared his with his new Mickey mouse and Doc mcstuffins toy.
Then Lucas sat on a curb with us and waited for Frozen “a royal welcome” 
We then finished the day with shopping, looking around the park and then heading back to the hotel for sleep. Lucas didn’t want to sleep and preferred crawling around and burning off energy until 1am. 
Once again the vlog is below, give it a watch and look out for the final day tomorrow!