12 September 2015


So we were lucky to be sent through some beautiful clothes from sunuva. We cannot thank them enough and they're also wonderful quality. 

Their sizes work in 1-2 years so as Lucas is a summer baby they will last him until next spring/summer too! How great.

The shirt is a completely beautiful shade of blue, and brings out the blue in his eyes. I love Lucas in blue and it really melts my heart when they stand out; Lucas has his daddy's eyes.
The material is linen so it's thick but also light weight, does that make sense? basically its not thin and rubbish, its well made and thick so will keep him warm on a "chillier" summers day but is light weight enough to keep them cool. The buttons stop just above his tummy button which i love, as sometimes he likes to undo his buttons and sometimes his tummy shows through or his vest when its stretched when he's picked up. I also like the cute little pocket. The shirts a little big at the moment but fits lovely anyway as much as it can and that means by next summer he'll get wear out of it again. How exciting.

The shorts are adorable, they are huge but like NEXT, they have adjustable waists, correct me if i'm wrong but i've only come across NEXT having adjustable waists in their trousers, jeans and shorts. The stripes are adorable and anyone who knows me knows i am partial to a striped item or 100; my mum stops me buying them now.
The outfit looks dashing together and we love it. they're also slightly long but can be turned up slightly too. I know for certain he'll be wearing these next year

We absolutely adore the items and have given an honest review on them. Thank you again for sending the items sunuva

Thank you for reading,

* items were sent for an honest review, everything is in my own words and unbiased.*