13 September 2015


Lucas has always been slightly "advanced" for his age, but when he didn't walk before one like we expected, we were slightly worried. All my friends little ones seemed to be walking before one, children the same age as Lucas on instagram, facebook and in the blogging/vlogging world seemed to be walking already and it started to worry me, was Lucas delayed or was it something to do with my unicornuate uterus and him being squashed?
My biggest fear whilst pregnant, and knowing his legs were wedged in my pelvis, i worried if he'd struggle with his legs.

 Recently i've seen more and more children not walking before 16/17 months and it made me realise, although some mums like to be in competition and "brag" about their children's accomplishments, Lucas was growing healthy and happy and will do things when he's ready. There is a fine line between proud and boasting.

Lucas' speech is really good, his word bank includes

  • Mama, mummy, mum
  • dad, dada
  • pappa (grandpappa carr)
  • nanna
  • bubble
  • Pepper
  • pider (spider)
  • Mickey
  • candle
  • cake, cakey
  • car
  • ga (thank you)
  • dog
  • cat
  • ook (look)
  • dat (that)
  • der (there)
  • ooh
- Thats all i can think of off the top of my head. Either way it's pretty impressive i think for 15 months old. 
Seeing the way he played today with the dinosaurs and with cars and his kitchen and teddies is so cute. He plays properly now, he babbles, he dances and is a little toddler. 
I am so happy with how he's growing and I remember that he's developing at the rate he wants and we cant hurry that along even if we wanted too. I am glad we're not forcing him into walking too quickly and letting him be the toddler he wants to be and grow how he wants too.

 He has the cheekiest personality and is the funniest little monkey and I feel so blessed and grateful. Please remember that they develop differently and let them grow at their own rate. Don't force it and let them be little for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading and hope your littles are growing up well. 
Were you worried about your little ones development? When did your little ones walk and talk?