21 September 2015


Dear little Lucas

After months and months of telling my Nanna no to cutting your hair, mummy and daddy gave in and you now have a new, grown up, hair cut.
It became a little crazy and as you can see from above a little bit like DR. Emmett Brown, from back to the future, and it became unmanageable.

Luckily for me Nanna is a qualified hairdresser, and that meant no trips to a salon. There are lots of toddler friendly hair salons nowadays, with cars they sit in and Peppa Pig being played on the TV screen in front of you, but why would i pay for that, when your Nanna can do it at home and you can have Doc Mcstuffins on the tv and a moomin straw to play with.
You sat amazingly well and had it cut like a pro. We were so proud and you look beautiful. 
I have to admit, it looks a lot better, than the scientist look. 

Lots of love,