22 September 2015


At the beginning of the month i purchased myself a new, lovely, white desk from IKEA. 
"I took the glass off the top as it was very heavy and didn't attach very well and worried me, with a cheeky, climbing baby."
I use as part dressing table, part desk. I am a huge beauty lover, which i get from my mum; she is a technician/teacher/lecturer of hair and make up and fashion styling at solent university in southampton, so I guess my love of all things beauty stems from that.
With the new blog, i'm wanting to do more beauty bits, so hopefully I can incorporate that well, without changing my whole blog and keeping you guys interested still.
Anyway, back to the subject, my desk is my one part of the house that belongs solely to me. It is mine, I can decorate it how I like and without anyone else's input... I lie, I make all the interior choices in the house; but it is my desk with no Brad moving things out of place.

I wanted a place where i could relax and, with the recent working situation change, somewhere to sit and focus without distractions and looking at Lucas' clutter on the floor; he seems to think that the lounge floor makes a great toy box.
I enjoy cutesie things and a desk is a great way to express that.
When you have children, your house gets over run with toys, baby objects and kitchens, cafes and doc mcstuffins check in centres, its no longer a place you can express your totally interior dreams, you have to work around these things. In a dream world our dining room wouldn't be part dining room, part play room, Lucas would have a separate toy room, and we'd have a dining room.
We'd have no baby things in the lounge as we wouldn't need too, we'd have 3 bedrooms and an office upstairs and we'd live by Brighton pier; and maybe one day we'll have that, but for now, we make do.
We have a lovely house and we're so grateful for this.
My desk is in my bedroom and sits against the wall as you walk in.

My favourite parts of my desk involve this autumnal Starbucks cup, it seems like a really weird thing to do, but i love it. It holds my sunflowers and works so well as a temporary autumn touch. (It will be replaced by a Starbucks, red, christmas cup in December)

I love pretty perfume bottles so adore having them on show. My favourites at the moment are,
Marc Jacobs // Summer Daisy. (No longer on sale)
Marc Jacobs //  Dot - The perfume shop
Zoella // Blissful mistful - Feelunique
Zoella // Lets spritz - feelunique
and a Disneyland Paris hotel shower gel, just because its sweet.

Under the desk, includes:
autumnal paper sorter - Sainsburys
My little boxes - subscription
Bag - My little box (see link above)

You can usually find me drinking a cuppa in the evening or a coffee in the morning, fairy lights on, candles lit, and as well as my blog, i'm usually working on Oh lilla magazine and it's something myself and Jodie are really proud of and are working very hard on issue two!

So if you wanna see the desk in more detail, the video is below! Give it a watch and i'd love it if you could like and even subscribe if you haven't.

Items featured:
Orchid and sweet coconut jar candle - Sainsburys (same scent different jar)
Easter bunny candle holder - Yankee candle
Salted caramel candle - Yankee candle
Star mug - Cath Kidston
N letter - Hobbycraft
Paint on N letter  - Hobbycraft
Create your own story postcard - Paperchase
White pot - IKEA
Fairy lights - Primark (Gabriella)
Love you to the moon and back sign - NEXT
Photo frames - IKEA
Sunflowers - Hobbycraft

Whats your desks like? i'd love to see!

   Lots of love,


video link!