8 September 2015


Yes I know you’re probably bored already, but I am not.
I thought i’d get a little excited and share my Top 5 Disney songs.

1. Kiss the Girl - The little Mermaid. This is my all time favourite disney film and I absolutely adore it. Everything about it is marvellous and wonderful. This song is so cute, I love it when the seagull starts squawking. Everything about Ariel is perfect, her hair, her voice, her shells and that tail! Oh I wish I was a mermaid.
2. In summer - Frozen. This song is just cute, I hate the Frozen hype and it’s very much shoved down your throat that it’s the “BEST DISNEY FILM OUT THERE” well, I disagree with that statement but I still think it’s up there with one of my favourites! I think Olaf and Sven are just the cutest and we’ll be purchasing some goodies in Disney, I also love the “woo ohh, big summer blowout” moment. 
3. With a few good friends - Piglets big movie. This is a little obscure I guess, It’s not your classic disney song picks, but Piglets big movie is genuinely one of the cutest soundtracks, I love it, Carly Simon has a wonderful voice and it’s just so lovely. Who’s Winnie the Pooh favourite isn’t P-P-P-Piglet anyway? 
4. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo - Cinderella. This is a song that reminds my dad of my childhood as I had a toy that used to play this as a child. Growing up I longed to be blonde and flawless like Cinders and singing this song along with a wand, flinging the wand around, pretending to turn my toys into carriages and humans. It’s a childhood classic for me.
5. Zero to Hero - Hercules. This is yet another Disney film with a cracking soundtrack. The voices on those girls are incredible. The film is amazing too. I love mythical and magical disney films and this one is amazing.
To be honest my list could continue on for ages, but this is list is my favourites.
What are your favourites?