8 September 2015


This is probably only going to be part one but we have bought and have been gifted with some lovely clothing items and are excited to share them with you.
As you know we’re not going on a summer holiday to a hot country; so wont be requiring swimwear, beachwear or overly summery clothing.

Firstly are this absolutely adorable shirts, the top 2 (polka dot and stripes) are both from, George at ASDA. The checked shirt and white top come as a pair from, River Island, I like the fact these aren’t stitched together and he can wear the white top or shirt on its own or together. (Is it just me or is the little monkey river island put on their clothing, absolutely adorable?) These such cute shirts and will be perfect for evening dinner or a slightly cooler day in the summery weather Paris has to offer us.
We then have these 3 pairs of shorts; The denim are Primark, the orange are George at Asda and the stripes are f&f at Tesco. The weather in paris is most likely going to be warm so we are packing shorts for Lucas.
I absolutely adore this together, it’s slightly in your face but for our first day in disneyland will probably include Lucas wearing this outfit! The polka dots will give Minnie mouse a run for her money. It looks like it clashes but the camera has warped the colouring slightly but it looks really sweet together in the clothing flesh. The shirt is featured above and the trousers with braces are from next.
This jacket is another River Island item, and oh my goodness it is AMAZING. He will look so cute with this on, when it gets a little chilly out in the evenings. We will be getting him a Disney jumper for the evenings we watch the fireworks; but until we get him one of those we will have him snuggled up in this. (This kid has great clothes)
Finally his shoes! The shoes are from converse and the lightening bolts were from a loot crate. He will look so sweet toddling around, holding our hands, unless he decides to walk in the next thirteen days. 
Obviously this isn’t all we will be bringing but this is what we wanted to share with you for now. Look out for more hauls as we get closer to Disney, especially as pay day is coming up. 
Have you got any holidays coming up? i’d love to see your hauls.