8 September 2015



We were really lucky to be gifted with some lovely products from Munchkin in return for an honest review of the products.
We’re honestly very happy with the products, they’re lovely and just perfect for Lucas’ age and needs. Munchkin were efficient and a lovely company to work with.

The first products were a bowl and spoons set, you got 6 bowls, and 6 lids and 2 spoons. Lucas learnt to use a spoon using these products, so they get a HUGE 10/10 from us. They’re so easy to grip and just so lovely with a little heart cut out of the end. The bowls are perfect sized too, and the lids make going out with food in the bowls easy and as long as there are no liquids in it, it shouldn’t leak. 
The next product is AMAZING! It’s a teat-less cup which is spill proof… I was like “how?” too, but its simple, it looks like this…
and it only releases the liquid with a suck motion! Perfect. It’s teaching littles to use a cup without a teat without any spillages or “accidental” tipping…
I didn’t know if he’d be able to use properly or understand how it works, but he got it straight away and is very happy with it.
We then had some bath toys! REALLY COOL, bath toys.
Its a mini basket that has a sucker to stick to the wall. It comes with three balls and Lucas loves balls, he loves throwing them, so was in his element. He’s at the age where he puts one in the hoop, takes it out and puts it back in again, but it’s perfect for older little ones too, as they can throw it in the hoop and you can move the hoop back further and further.
This one was Lucas’ favourite, it comes with two, one rubber ended one and one fabricky one. You soap up the end of the fabricky one and they “paint the bath” Lucas found that funny but then decided to eat it and well by the last picture you can see he regretted that decision rather quickly. 
The final bath toy is this cute little penguin that swims, his little arms go around and he swims up and down the bath, Lucas just enjoys eating him.
We were also sent this lovely woodland themed night light which is perfect. Recently Lucas wakes up in the night and it’s so dark we struggle to find the bottle of water he’s dropped out the cot, so the light is perfect as that means we no longer need to go searching with phone torches. He also enjoys the comfort of a slightly lit bedroom, and this one isn’t too bright and it’s battery powered with 3 aaa batteries, so know worry of over heating due to electrics.
Finally, I cannot photograph this one as we don’t drive and we haven’t been in a car yet, but we were sent a car sun protector that goes on the window, and it’s so lovely, and easy moveable so when we’re in my mum’s partners car, or my dads, Brad’s mums or my nan’s car, it’s easy to stick and easy to remove, and it does stick, unlike some of them that fall off. It’s very well made.
Head over to Munchkin.com for these products and more!
*We were gifted these items, but the review is truthful and my own*