8 September 2015


So it finally happened deardaisyelizabeth (dearlittledaisy.com) and dearlittlelucas met up. Daisy and Lucas finally met.
If you’ve been following us for a while you’d know were working on a magazine ohlilla.com and we met last month to discuss a business plan and what not and it was lovely; but we couldn’t wait to get the little ones together.

I say part one, because the day sort of went in two parts, and the post will be far too long if i do it all in one, so i’ll start with the Zapf creations party, i wont go into to much detail as it’s a magazine review sort of thing but sharing the cutest pictures and my personal experience.

The day started off horrendously! I’d worked a twelve hour night shift, rushed to the station, onto a train, got to London at 9:40 (35 minutes before the event) hopped into a taxi (that had already got lost) got stuck in traffic and arrived at 10:30! Luckily they hadn’t started the tour. 
We found a deck chair and the cruel parents we are got excited by a photograph opportunity… this is the first photo of these two together and gosh it’s cute.
we had a little, quick play in the sandpit and swiftly moved on to the rest of the tour.
The tour was great! but Daisy and Lucas got distracted by some sensory lights.
After the tour we had play time, lunch and cake and Lucas got his face painted. He uhm, had a tiny bit done…
He wasn’t to sure and quickly ended in this…
We finished  the party with some fancy lunch boxes for the children but left without a goodie bag by accident, but have got a beautiful baby born little boy coming through the post, which is exciting.
We had the best day in London, my heart belongs to London and the party was fab and honestly we just had the most incredible time with Jodie and Daisy.
Another amazing friendship has bloomed from blogging and honestly blogging was the best decision I ever made, it’s the only thing I find i’m dedicated to, along with the magazine, and it brings me so much happiness and friends.
Lucas has also gained a friend too, even if Daisy has taught him to add “no no no no no” to his already learnt head shake. It’s very cute and very funny.
What a cheeky pair.