8 September 2015


- Bonjour! 

We were very lucky to be gifted with some lovely gifts from *MAM* and they were absolutely perfect items for our trip to Disneyland.

We’ve always been MAM lovers, Lucas loving the dummies when he was a dummy user, we’ve recently got rid of the dummy if you didn’t know, and we’ve rated their teething toys highly too. So we’re very excited to be trying out some more products.
The first item is probably my favourite. I always struggle to find things to bring Lucas’ snacks in when we go out for the day, so with travelling to Disney we were very worried at where we would put things! We were sent this Snack pot to try and we love it. It has this really handy pop up lid and perfect for little hands to hold. We probably wouldn’t put anything liquid in it, but cheerios, fruit, biscuits, veg and sandwiches will certainly be placed into this lovely item.
We using our *Organix* summer range and these snack pots fit a whole box of them in.
The second item is a cutlery set, which is also very fantastic for Lucas currently, he has just learnt to use a fork and is very independent with that now, we’re trying to master the spoon and the spoons he have aren’t very easy to grip, whereas these have a really easy grip and have a rubbery material opposed to pure plastic. I also like the fact that unlike his moomin set, theres no metal, i always worry about him stabbing his tongue or gums, so the plastic end is safer for little ones. I love the shape of them as they’re perfect for little hands to grip.
The third and final item is a toothbrush, we’ve gone through THREE toothbrushes since Lucas got his first tooth! we’ve always been really funny with making sure Lucas learns the importance of teeth hygiene. He’s bound to want sugary snacks and fruit contains loads of natural sugars and acids anyway so i’m always keeping up with it; but we’re currently teaching him to brush his own teeth (followed by mummy or daddy’s final scrub-a-dub) This one is great as it has an easy hold and hopefully this one lasts longer than the rest, it was perfect timing as we could pack it straight into his hand luggage and it’s his holiday toothbrush and we will now continue to use it when we get home.
All items with an * have been gifted and have been sent on behalf of my blog or magazine and have been sent purely for a honest review. We are extremely grateful and we’re loving the items we’ve been gifted with.
Thanks for reading! 
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