7 September 2015

Things you didn’t appreciate before becoming a mother and wish you did!

1. Going to the toilet alone.
2. Your body.
3. Your hair before it falls out in clumps.
4 bathing alone.
5. Weeing alone.
6. Sleep.
7. Silence.
8. 5 minutes peace.
9. Adult interaction when you don’t accidentally talk to them in the baby voice.
10. Eating your plate of food without having half stolen.
11. Doing your make up without getting kicked and having wonky eyeliner for the rest of the day, as you decide to give up and just deal with it.
12. Your own company.
13. Having a night with your man without interruptions (if you know what I mean)
14. Being able to finish a sentence without being hollered at.
15. Your sanity.
We wouldn’t change it for the world, but I do wish I had appreciated those things.

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