7 September 2015



I have read in many books and baby magazines that there is no point in putting a routine into place until your baby reaches 3 months old, but I personally disagree. I have had a routine in place since Lucas was a month old, it changes on a monthly basis roughly but thats because of the adaptions to Lucas growing and changing.
Lucas is 2 months old and has recently just changed his routine and it seems to be working well.

This is Lucas’ routine.
07:00- Wake up & Nappy change
07:10- Breakfast (6 Ounces + 2 sachets of Gaviscon)
07:30- Playtime
08:30- Morning nap
10:30- Wake up & Nappy change
10:40- Second breakfast (6 Ounces + 2 sachets of Gaviscon)
11:00- Playtime
12:00- Midday nap
14:00- Wake up & Nappy change
14:10- Lunch (6 Ounces + 2 sachets of Gaviscon)
14:30- Playtime
16:00- Afternoon nap
17:30- Wake up & Nappy change
17:40- Half feed (3 Ounces + 1 sachet of Gaviscon)
18:00- Playtime
19:30- Bath, pyjamas, Book and second half feed (3 Ounces + 1 sachet of Gaviscon)
20:30- Bedtime
23:30- Dream feed (7 Ounces + 2 sachets of Gaviscon)
04:00- Feed ( 6 Ounces + 2 sachets of Gaviscon)
(These are rough times as It obviously cannot always be so precise)
Lucas has been diagnosed with Reflux and now has Infant Gaviscon prescribed. He has what I would say quite a late bedtime at the moment, but it works well for us and that means Lucas gets to have 45minutes with his daddy before he goes to bed. He is so smiley and happy now and loves his time when Brad gets in from work.

Having a routine works really well with getting out the house for days out, as he sleeps as I potter around getting everything sorted, instead of running around frantically trying to get out with a crying baby who wants attention and is tired but wont go down to sleep as I am rushing around. I have always wanted to make sure that I don’t put housework and cooking in front of cuddles and bonding time with my baby, as time is precious and having a routine makes this easier.
I also have time to cook a nice, healthy meal when he’s napping and I get the housework done too. I usually watch TV, spend time blogging and of course play with Lucas on the floor some times too. I do let Lucas play by himself to have some me time as I think it’s important to let him play independently and for me to have a breather. 
Obviously not all routines will be followed exact every day and sometimes your baby will not want to follow it and sometimes your baby will be poorly or you will be out, but it’s great to follow as many days as your baby will let you and don’t be disappointed if your baby doesn’t want to follow it or it takes a while, keep persevering and keep your patience.

I’d be really interested to know… do you mama’s have routines? Did you start a routine early? What are your routines?

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