8 September 2015


The dreaded first flight.
It’s always a stressful thought and always a big fear for mum and dad.

We had the first experience on thursday and it was wasn’t how I expected it in the slightest. 

We were lucky with the fact our flight was at 7am, so the whole check in process was pretty easy. We got to the airport at 4:30am and checked in our suitcases, which was pretty quick and easy, then we went to the security search and had everything checked. We were allowed 2 bottles, (we had the water in mixed with the gaviscon and the powder in the tommee tippee travel pots to be added when he needed a bottle.) calpol and teething gel in hand luggage. [They’re a lot more lenient when it comes to children’s stuff.] We were also allowed to bring through the pram and car seat until we reached the plane so that was easy. Lucas slept the whole time and it was a god send.

When we arrived onto the plane and Lucas made himself at home.
We distracted him whilst we waited for the plane to get ready for take off with the window. He loved looking out the window and taking in new sights.
Strapping Lucas in was a bit of a pain for us as Lucas hates being restricted. He was easily distracted with Ewan and his monkey which was good. You get a separate little seatbelt to attach on to your own when you have a little that has to travel on your lap.
The next hurdle was the take off. Would he cry? would the pressure hurt his ears? would he be frightened of the noise and sudden movement? We used a dummy for comfort and hoped the sucking motion would stop the pressure hurting his ears so much. We talked to him the whole time and had Ewan the dream sheep on and used it as a soother.
This seemed to work a dream! I cannot tell you it will work for all your baby/toddler but it worked well for us and Lucas.
Lucas did not make a sound! He handled it like a pro.

Once take off had been completed we could unstrap him and play with him on our laps. He enjoyed his normal interactions, talking to him, playing with his toes and looking out the window.image
Towards the end of the flight he fell asleep so landing was easy too.We had not a single tear or cry on the whole flight.
My top tips and buys for a easier flight:
  1. Dummies (pacifers) or something for your little to chew or suck on during takeoff and landing.
  2. Distraction toys! flights are boring for infants!
  3. Calpol, if your littles ears do start hurting, should be helped by a calpol dose.
  4. Blanket for making them cosy and it can get chilly in the airport and on the plane.
  5. Comfy clothing. Pyjamas and slippers, make sure they don’t feel irritated or uncomfortable.

Happy flying guys! How were your first trips?