8 September 2015


Today we took a trip to Adventure wonderland in bournemouth, formally known as “alice in wonderland” back when I was a child.
This is somewhere I have visited at least 10 times! we’ve been coming here with my nan since I was about 4 years old? we used to go at least once a year and have always loved it, I know the way like the back of my hand and even know the way around the maze without getting lost once… is that really sad? I think not!

We started the day with a couple of the rides, the train was fun and Lucas, was very confused with the motions! He also enjoyed the ride below that if i’m honest, I cannot remember the name of, but Lucas loved that one too, he was a fan of my “woooo’s” and “oooh’s” and a huge grin in the hope he wouldn’t cry. He didn’t, he actually even let out a smile. He was obviously a little unsure of the rides but with reassurance he slowly started to enjoy it and then started with huge smiles.

We went through the Alice section, that involves those funny mirrors, a “drink me bottle” a huge chair and a hallway (tunnel) that gets smaller and smaller as you go through it.

We then obviously completed the maze, in 10 minutesish? It’s a lot harder than I remember but thats purely because we had to carry a pram up the stairs and over the bridge and back down the stairs, in future we will not be bringing the pram in and would suggest if you guys go, to not bring one in either, apart from that all you have to do is remember the hint… 

We then saw the show and Lucas sat like a pro, he sat on my lap on the floor with the rest of the children and didn’t move, he sat wide mouthed for the majority of the show, until the children started shouting “coffee” at the mad hatter and then he wanted to hug me, but still no tears and he enjoyed it. We also have the song, which i now becoming slightly annoying after replaying it 100000 times in my head… to the tune of “All about that bass”  “It’s all about the tea, about the tea, and biscuits” - You sang it didn’t you? I certainly did.
Then Lucas was lucky enough to meet the hatter, the queen of hearts and… ALICE! You can see by his expression, he’s a little confused and unamused. (I cut my nan out, who’s holding Lucas, as I didn’t know if she’d appreciate her face on my blog!)

Lucas was then rocked to sleep on the flying elephants ride and had to be carried to his pram all floppy and in a deep sleep! We went on and he was awake and we got off and he was soundo! Thank you ride for saving an annoying battle to get Lucas sleep, when there was to much going on.

We finished off the day in the indoor play area, the toddler bit could do with a couple of balls or something for the little ones to play with but apart from the it was perfect and Lucas was hilarious, he was crawling around and got very adventurous  and courageous and climbed up everything and climbed down everything afterwards, he found this very funny and wore himself right out it was so funny and cute seeing him playing with other children and he was very squealey and funny.
Then finally Lucas got treated to a milkybar ice cream.

It was so lovely taking Lucas to a place that reminds me very much of my childhood and my childhood adventures, I absolutely loved seeing Lucas enjoying himself and exploring.
We love coming here and thanks to Tesco clubcard vouchers my nan has never paid full price, so collect your tesco vouchers.
Thank you Adventure wonderland for a great day, this time with my child and not as a child.