8 September 2015


This is probably a boring post for you all, but I wanted to share this with you as I am absolutely thrilled with the new service we signed up to, this is our second box(s) we have received, and it is wonderful.

This box costs us £13 a week (with delivery charge), and it is the “small fruit and veg box”
It says there is enough fruit and veg to last 2 people for 7 days, this is also more than enough to feed Lucas too.
This week we got this…

Potatoes, carrots, aubergine, courgettes, melon, apples, tomatoes and bananas.
It’s lovely and we even buy our milk from her too, blue for Lucas, green for us both.
It comes packaged brilliantly too, as it is a door service, they package it with two HUGE ice blocks and a special wool insulation, so if you’re not in, it will stay cold until you get home! Wonderful.
They recycle your boxes and you can even buy your eggs, meat, fish and organic, vegan household cleaning products.
You can basically do your whole weekly shop here for very little money and know that you’re supporting local farmers and keeping it organic. 
We pay weekly, but are thinking of going two weekly because we still have veg left over from last week, or even buying a smaller box, every other week just to top up really as we really don’t need the amount we are getting and don’t want to get any wastage.
I hope this post hasn’t bored you too much.
Thank you.