8 September 2015


I spend my time writing letters to Lucas and talking about Lucas, sometimes I forget i am the human being behind this blog. I’ve seen this circling for sometime but came across it again today on the very lovely Hannah at Floral Inspired life’s blog and decided this is a wonderful idea to let you guys into my past a little more, you may hate this but you may find this interesting
Dear my 16 year old self,

I am writing this from your future, You’re now 22 years old and in a stable relationship, engaged and have the most gorgeous little boy in the world, you only really have 3 friends you’re close with that are your friends currently but you will meet some really amazing people as you get older. 
SO you’ve currently just turn’t 16 and you spent it in hospital, you may feel like there is no end n sight and that the fact you cannot use the entire right side of your body, you’re having all these tests and physiotherapy and hydrotherapy (Your hydrotherapy guy is so totally hot too) and annoyingly at the end they put it down to stress, but you do get the feeling back and you can use it again, so try not to stress too much.
You’re also about to find out your current beau cheated on you, he’s a complete jerk for it but because your naive you will take him back, and it wont be the first time but I so wish you knew you could have done so much better than that.

Now you’re 17 and you’ve gone on your first proper abroad holiday, you have a full time job in French connection and you’re off to AMERICA, florida, how amazing, you’re going with the beau (yes the cheat) you will have an incredible time!
Lets jump forward you’re 18 now and after splitting up with the ex beau a while before hand, it’s new years eve, you’ve just caught the glimpse of an extremely cute, bearded man across the nightclub floor! His name is … Brad and little do you know at this second that man is the man you will be having a baby with him and about to start a long and happy life together.
A message to my teenage self, appreciate your body, don’t get to wrapped up in shit with your friends as they probably wont even still be friends once you have a baby, and they’re lives probably aren’t as perfect as they claim to be and you can and WILL do so much better than your past cheating exes.
You will be so much happier than you can even imagine and you life will fall into place. 
Lots of love
Your 22 year old self.