20 February 2022


Caspar, just like Simba is small but mighty and he is slowly becoming aware of the world around him and we are slowly introducing him to the world of Disney. We have so many Disney plushes and we cannot part with any of them as they're just our "thing"

Caspar is getting used to feeling the world around him and he's definitely a fan of soft toys. His room and the boys room is an adventure, safari and a travel theme and the Simba 35cm (14inches) plush from TESCO which are £18 each. Caspar has been watching The Lion King recently and the colours are drawing him in for sure. 

He found the Plush super lovely to touch and explore. He loves anything soft and with these plushes being suitable from birth (Disclaimer: please don't leave babies unattended with plushes & remove the tags before giving them to them) it means they're great to help with their hand, eye coordination, touch senses, etc... 

As you can see from the photos Caspar is particularly happy with his new toy in his own little pride rock jungle. He is very smiley and happy and will be eating him and bashing him around for the foreseeable.

Marie was the other plush we received and Iris is a huge fan and has 3 different Marie plushes as she thinks she is adorable. I love how well made they are, how soft they are and the attention to detailing on the characters is spot on. They're perfect additions to our collections. In the 35cm group you can get Simba, Marie and Dumbo! All are super soft, make great gifts and are perfect for small (and big) hands and snuggles. They're not just for children and great for collectors of Disney plushes! 

Please keep scrolling for gorgeous photos of Caspar!

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