18 February 2022


Squish and Shape the most simplest but effect way. in the shape of a tablet and come in two styles. Both styles are mess-free (huge bonus) and have a non-toxic gel or beads and can be moulded and drawn on endlessly! Lucas is a fidgeter so sensory toys to occupy his hands is so important in this house! He can spend hours  drawing on it with the stylus, squishing, squiggling, shaping, creating and then erasing and starting again! 

One of the styles is gel based and one is beads based and the removable backgrounds that come with them or you can print your own (annoyingly my printer has gone silly again so I can't show you) you can get the printables HERE You can choose between more of their custom backgrounds or upload your own. I'd definitely print Brad's face and make the kids do hilarious things to it. The beads make great beards, hair and are great for lining up and making shapes with.

The jelly is great for name writing, drawing in and the perfect sensory squishing kind of fun. The jelly is in two layers and creates a double-colour depth for artistic purposes. 

My favourite part about them is the fact they're cheap at £4.99 but serve a huge purpose for those who need sensory products. These are going to be all the rage if you ask me. Perfect pocket money treat.

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