28 July 2021


As massive Bluey fans in this house, we were excited to hear that creator of Bluey, Tim Bain and cheeky little media had created another Australian based cartoon, new to Nick Jr. Which started this week and will be showing every morning at 9:30am. Who doesn't love the Aussie accent? With the summer holidays starting, this is a great show to watch before completing your busy schedules... or in our case, playing in the garden, splashing in the pool (weather dependant on both) watching more films, crafting and hibernating whilst waiting for the baby to arrive. Once he's here we can start our little adventures again! I am very excited about family walks and trips!

Anyway, what I really like about Kangaroo beach is the subtle but important message about water safety, which during the British summertime and random heatwaves we keep having, means more time splashing in pools and playing near water areas such as rivers, lakes, streams and the sea. Of course as parents our main job is to watch them and make sure they're safe in the water but if we can encourage their little brains to absorb some water safety knowledge in a fun way of a tv show then it's a win all round. This has also been accredited by the swimming teachers association, the UK's reputable water safety charity.

Rufus being known as Roo, loves it when they say Roo to the rescue! He goes "ME TO THE RESCUE" The show is great and with cute characters such as Pounce, Gemma, Neville and Frizzy who are spending their summer training to be junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes it will have your kids all excited to find out what the emergency will be in that episode. It's super cute and colourful and just a cute educational cartoon. 

You can check out Kangaroo Beach on YouTube HERE and ENJOY!!

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