19 October 2020


In this house, we've had hey Duggee fans since Lucas was a baby, as one grew out of Duggee, the other grew into Duggee, yet, none of them really grew out of Duggee, Lucas still loves it and Iris. Rufus is the newest Hey Duggee obsessive in the house and is batty for it. He has a range of Hey Duggee toys under the bed for his Birthday in December. Duggee is one of those programmes that even as Adults we find ourself laughing at and secretly going "shall we watch Hey Duggee" when putting the TV on because you don't actually mind watching it. I even have my favourite episodes that I put on for them, like the Exercise badge, the stick badge, the rain-dance badge and the castle badge to name a few. We genuinely do think Duggee is ace here. 

When the opportunity arose to review the Hey Duggee tablet and Hey Duggee phone I just knew they'd be a huge hit in this house and being educational toys too it was also a bonus for us. So far Iris and Rufus have argued over who's playing with the toys so that's usually an indication that they've gone down well and they've passed the review test. Rufus keeps saying 'DUDDEE, MINE" whenever Iris picks up the toy so he is already very possessive. 


Available in John Lewis you can purchase this lovely little Hey Duggee interactive tablet. By pressing the buttons it will ask you to find certain things, this is definitely more aimed at Iris' age than Rufus, but sitting with Rufus this is a good way to start introducing shapes, colours, letters and numbers to him. Iris found great joy in pressing the buttons and finding the buttons she needed to find. Iris also liked pressing on the squirrels. We call Iris, Norrie and Rufus, Roly so it made her laugh pressing them. When it asks you to find something for example, "find the yellow cloud" if you press a button that isn't a yellow cloud it'll say "I don't think so" like on the programme so this made them giggle and then they deliberately pressed the wrong buttons. Haha, kids. 

Overall, it is really lovely and takes 3x aaa batteries which aren't included. Rufus enjoys pressing the buttons and Iris really enjoyed learning and following the instructions so the tablet is a huge hit from me and with Christmas coming up, at under £20 I would highly recommend this for any Hey Duggee loving children, Christmas lists.


Also available at John Lewis, this flip phone is another genius toy which is perfect for Christmas, this didn't require me to put batteries in on arrival and has so far saved my phone from wracking up 400 photos of Iris' toes as the phone encourages children to pretend to take photos, as well as learning numbers, colours, shapes and listening to Duggee and the Squirrels greetings. The phone has a super cool back lit top which shows Duggee like a FaceTime which Rufus has spent numerous hours gasping at with excitement, he finds this very exciting. The phone is blue and has a lovely 3d Hey Duggee design when closed and seems really well made and child resilient when they decide to throw, drop and suck. 

The phones really clever and it's gone down really well in the house. Rufus will be playing with this for a long time. Really happy with how the phone works and the toys in general. 

These are definitely worth adding to a Christmas list! 

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