16 September 2020



One week ago today we welcomed two new girlies into our family! Iris and I being constantly outnumbered by boys is no more. We welcomed Pumpkin and Patch into our family and they're the perfect little pair ever. We've had a bunny before Pepper but Pepper Died a last Christmas which was so sad and we wanted to make sure we moved and got settled and got a new hutch and made sure we were to buy in a pair too. We wanted Sisters as they're less likely to fight and we certainly don't want any baby bunnies so when my friend put up that she had baby bunnies for sale I was overjoyed. I wanted to get from a proper breeder and someone who knew what they were talking about and loved the bunnies like they were their own and Nichola did just that. She was an ex student of my Mum's and has always been super lovely so this was absolutely perfect. The littles originally named the bunnies Thumper and Flower but when we got round to closing our babies we ended up choosing two gingery girlies who were sisters when originally we'd thought about getting one grey and one ginger. They were born within a week of each other but we decided that Sisters would be super lovely and perfect to keep together and they already had a lovely bond together, so Pumpkin and Patch were named. They really nearly named Patch, Spice which I thought was cool, you know pumpkin spice but can you imagine taking it to the vets in your comfy clothes looking a bit worse for wear one day? They may think im actually on spice... so I avoided that and Patch suits patch with her part white, part ginger pattern.


This is Pumpkin, Pumpkin is super flipping cute (they both are) Pumpkin is a little ginger with a white paw and white cotton tail which literally is the cutest thing ever. Pumpkin is very high maintenance, Pumpkin likes things on her terms and likes to hide and she gives you the chase when it's time to go back in her hutch. Pumpkin is the less cuddly and affectionate one but she will give you a cuddle but again on her terms. I absolutely love her sassy personality and she makes me laugh when she runs around in circles! She has so much energy I swear she does not sleep.  Pumpkin also looks like a squirrel haha.


Patch is the proper fluffiest ball of floof ever! She's so fluffy and requires a daily groom because she is such a fluffy lion. Patch will happily just sit on you for a cuddle whilst you lay there and she'll jump up and nibble your hair and lick your face too. Patch is more chilled and is just low maintenance. She loves a binky in the air and I spend a lot of evenings giggling at her jumping in the air. Patch truly is a cutie. 

These two are absolutely adorable and they get on so well and constantly play and jump around together and cause mischief, the littles adore them and think their the best things ever (they are) and they are just amazing company for me and teaching the littles responsibility which they really do like to help with them. They want to feed and clean them out all the time. This will wear off i'm sure but for now I'll soak up their helpfulness

P.S I've made the buns an instagram if you wanna follow it instagram.com/pumpkinpatchbunnies

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