22 October 2020



Dear Little Iris, 

It's been a long time since I wrote to you, but you're turning four today and truthfully my mind is effing blown. HOW? WHEN? WHY? How is it 4 years since I had the quickest, scariest labour and birthed the biggest sass pot I've ever known. Like damn girl, you're proper sassy. You're my only Daughter and you are my bestest little friend ever. Of course your Brothers are too, but we do have a pretty special Mother, Daughter relationship which I hope we have forever because I can imagine we're gonna have the best girly days ever as you grow up. Gin and spa days girl, only 14 years to go. 

You're a little spook and you LOVE halloween, like LOVE it. So much so you have asked for a Nightmare before Christmas, halloween themed birthday and if I wasn't already proud of you, then I am now. Honestly, so cool. Last night you had some halloween themed teepees for a sleepover with your brother because Covid has ruined any hope of having a proper birthday party this year. We're not going to dwell on covid in this post but my gosh, when you get older, you'll probably still be going "I CANT KISS BOYS OR GIRLS CAUSE COVID" when Mummy and Daddy were little it was about cooties but now covid. Anyway, today we're going to have a halloween themed party and have a few visitors and have a pretty quiet birthday but also it's your last birthday at home before you have to go to school. You start school next year baby, why? September you're going to be a school girl like Lucas. So big!

You're an absolutely crazy girl who loves frozen, singing, dancing, ballet, mermaids, fairies and has the most fantastic imagination. You have an obsession with Sylvanian families, Disney, spooky things and bunnies. You go to ballet every week and go to pre-school three times a week which you love and you have a big brother and a little brother, obviously and you have two bunnies at home, pumpkin and patch. We moved into our new bungalow this year and you finally got your own bedroom after all these years of sharing. You have a pretty bedroom, you have a bed that's the shape of a house with pretty flowers around the top, you have a unicorn light, a unicorn bow holder with lots of bows on, a rainbow clothes rail and a rainbow ornament, you have fairy, unicorn and rainbow bedding, a REAL big girl aloe vera plant you call Vera, very original and you love your pretty little girly room. You don't like the dark so you have to have your unicorn light on, a plug in night light and the door left open slightly with the hallway light on. For a spooky girl you don't like real ghosts or the dark, your words not mine. You like pretending to be a ghost and a witch though. 

You're a wonderful girl, a wonderful sister and you are a wonderful Daughter. we love you very much darling girl and you truly are special and the way you love your Brothers so much melts our heart. 

I love you my kind, fierce, sassy girl


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