7 September 2020


With Lockdown, extra time off and also the weather finally changing (woo-hoo) we're going to be spending a lot more time indoors cosy and doing more crafty activities. Lucas is art mad and I enjoy a spot of painting myself now too! Something that makes me super happy is when its very little mess. Minimal mess and easy to clean up. No mucky paint brushes, no mucky tables, spilt water, paint colours mixed, you know? HELL ON EARTH. So, here's a giant thanks to Little Brian and paint sticks. Praise Be and a blessed day and what not. 

I love them, I literally love them! Rufus even got to join in for once and Rufus adored it. He found it so much fun and made his first picture which will be going on the fridge. Iris and Lucas got super crafty and loved mark making and drawing pictures for both Mummy and Daddy. There was no fighting because with 24 paint sticks there were more than enough to go around! Imagine that? No arguments during a fun activity! WHAT?! but no seriously, it really was argument free. 

Lucas really liked the art station (which im hosting a giveaway for in a few days time on instagram) Lucas loved that it had a chalkboard on one side and on the other side he could put his paper. It comes with chalk paints and normal mini paint sticks and its built really sturdy and is just super cute and Lucas will get so much use out of this now. Even if he doesn't use it for painting. We can do homework on the chalkboard. I'm thinking times spelling, practicing his letters, numeracy, science. It's just going to be so handy to have. 

The paint sticks really are great, they draw on like pens and are chunky enough for tiny little hands and the bigger hands too. I couldn't believe it when Rufus picked it up and started drawing as he's never done that before. He's learning well from his big Brother. Lucas also really enjoyed using them and found them easy to use and didn't have any problem drawing with them and drew a super cool Darth Vader. As per usual.

We then let them loose with the face paint sticks too! I wanted to encourage their own creativity on each others faces and with it being as easy as a pen, I wasn't worried about too much mess and It was nice for them. Lucas painted Iris as a "Unicorn"and Iris made Lucas a "Dinosaur" we then made Rufus into Iris. 

The paints and the face paints have great pigment in them so they come out full of colour on the paper and face. The Little Brian Paint Sticks are amazing and will definitely be something we re-buy over and over again. Such stress-free, mess-free fun and the littles went to bed super happy. BONUS. 

*This is a paid partnership with Little Brians paint sticks. We were sent the products to try too. All words are my own and honest. All photos are my own too*

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