14 August 2020



Who doesn't love a wooden toy? Especially one that includes a popular children's cartoon entertainer. 

Rufus loves Peppa Pig alongside a few other cartoons so when we had a few days together just us it was the perfect time to give him these toys! One on One play time is so important for these littles and when you're one of three and the youngest it's a rare occurrence without your siblings wanting in on the action. 

I am a sucker for wooden toys too. The littles have loads of plastic toys and I'm absolutely not anti-plastic toys as I make sure we're really not wasteful with them but when I find a wooden toy I'm like a kid in a toy shop myself. I do love them. I do sometime find they lack the colourfulness that babies and littles love though. Wooden toys are all the rage now and for minimalist parents, insta parents and Montessori parents, etc... and they are super cute but I do always have to remind myself that they want character toys and colourful toys too. 

I am really impressed by this range of toys and Rufus had hours of play with them. We received the Play house which came with the furniture which is multipurpose too, the family of figures and also the boat too and the boat was Rufus' favourite by far!

As you can see from the pictures above the tables and tv stand are also Peppa and Georges bunk beds which is super cute! Rufus hasn't quite got to grips with using the furniture but that's where sharing with his Big brother and Sister will come in handy! (Also see picture below to see how good the house is for a step too... if that doesn't show you how well its been made then I don't know what will)

Rufus loved the boat a lot. He has a massive obsession with anything with wheels and he definitely found this a lot of fun too! Zooming it around the lounge and window ledge too. The characters are really well made too and have a plastic circle stand on the bottom to help them stand up. 

Overall we were really impressed by the range and will be looking at adding to his collection at Christmas or his Birthday too. 

The range is in expensive and available on amazon. 

*We were sent the Peppa Pig toys in return for a blog and instagram post showcasing the toys. All words and images are my own and honest.*

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