14 December 2018


Naming a baby is something Brad and I have always spent a lot of time going over and over. We've both got different ideas for names and different tastes. I like old fashioned names and quirky names and Brad, well he's just fussy and doesn't like much at all.
Naming a third baby was difficult, we have used names we liked and weirdly the names Lucas or Iris would have had if they were the opposite gender, just don't feel like names we'd use now. Lucas would have been Ella and Iris would have been Arlo. I cannot imagine myself with and Arlo or an Ella now.



Choosing a name for both genders we loved was weirdly easy this time round. When it came to finding a girls name we agreed on Florence Luna Winn Walters. Florence has been a name i've adored since forever, I am a huge Florence and the machine fan and Brad finally agreed to allow me to have Florence as our girls name. Upon deciding on the name Florence, I was informed it was in fact my great Nanny's middle name, she was Reta Florence! So it was very fitting.
Luna was a name I just liked and I wanted to have a quirkier middle name to break up the old fashioned names.
Winn was Brad's Nans name, she spelt it Wyn and it was short for Winifred, my Grandma was also Winifred so seemed perfect. I preferred how it looked as Winn for our potential baby girl but still held the same sentiment behind it. I also loved the fact Winifred is the name of one of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus too!
We would have shortened it to Flo or Florrie too!
I feel a bit sad we wont get to use the name Florence Luna Winn... To win the lottery so I can persuade Brad to have one more baby... JOKING.


Choosing Rufus' name was pretty easy, It came to us pretty quickly. One of Brad's favourite musicians is Rufus Wainwright, so it was a name thrown out there. We also watch The Michalaks every week/fortnight so hearing them say the name Rufus in their videos all the time cemented it for me. I loved how it sounded, I loved the fact we could shorten it to Roo (like in Winnie the Pooh) and it just sounded so cute and quirky - As well being a great name for a baby, teenager and an adult. It's also a Disney name as Rufus is in the rescuers.
Originally he was going to have the middle names Arlo Ted, Arlo as said earlier was a name we had liked in the past (Disney name too) and Ted was Brad's Grandads name, so was a family name again. After saying Rufus Arlo Ted Walters over and over again, I just couldn't grasp the name and I just didn't love it. So I sent Brad on a mission to make me fall in love with our boys name. I told him think names he loved, musicians he loved and make the perfect name.
It didn't take long and he wrote down Rufus Lennon Walters and I instantly loved it.
Lennon is very obviously after John Lennon. There are two songs I think of when I think of my Mum, Elton John's 'your song' (which I have tattooed on my wrist) and John Lennon's 'Imagine'. They're both her favourite songs, so growing up John Lennon and the Beatles have been played a lot. 
I also love the Beatles too, as does Brad.

I love that all our children's names end with the letter S. Lucas, Iris and Rufus. It looks cute written down doesn't it. 
We had a lot of people say they didn't like the name Rufus but I love it, Brad loves it and it's his name and honestly he looks like a Rufus, as weird as that may sound to some people. 

So that is the story behind Rufus and Florence, the two potential names, that resulted in our surprise baby boy being a Rufus! He's fully registered now and I couldn't be happier. Well done Brad for choosing the most perfect name for our perfect Son. 

Enjoy the photos below from Rufus' "newborn" shoot I did! I am getting through my birth story slowly! Sleep deprivation is a real thing!

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