5 December 2018


*This is a sponsored post, all words and images are my own*

Shopping for men can be really difficult and choosing something they really want and need can be difficult. Brad takes a lot of pride in his hair and his beard and last year he requested I got him some grooming bits and pieces for Christmas. I thought i'd put together a little grooming gift guide to help you with some ideas for Christmas too.


    Brad has a beard, so keeping it trim and looking smart is important to him. Especially as he works in care and it's important for him to look smart but at the same time keep his own identity and feel like himself. An electric razor set can come in so many different price ranges, so easily an affordable gift.

    A nice shaving balm set is always a good one. Men's skin is important too and this is perfect for a man who likes to take pride in himself. It doesn't have to be an expensive set but whats better than a nicely groomed beard that smells nice? Well, Brad says not a lot. 

    A nice aftershave is a must. I have used Lady Million and I know 1 million smells lovely. It's a really nice smelling aftershave. Brad loves using aftershave, especially if we're going out too. Most people I feel forget men like "perfume" and it's not just for woman. 

    This isn't something Brad is dealing with BUT it is something he's always telling me he's worried about. He's always worried about going bald. Most of the time he says it in jest but he is always saying about being worried about his hair loss. This is something you could always look at purchasing for someone who is suffering with hair loss. I wouldn't recommend purchasing someone it unless they suggest it or ask for it - haha.  

    Treat them to a spa day! Let them have a massage, facial and chill out. I always make jokes about how as a Mum I need a spa day, but actually both Brad and I could do with a spa day. we're both busy parents, we were both busy working parents (until I started maternity leave) and a spa day for both of us is important and we should definitely treat our men to a spa day too!

Brad's an amazing, busy Dad and is super hands on so treating him to some grooming treats is perfect for him. 

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