8 November 2018


Packing my hospital bag is one of those annoying unfinished things until D-DAY! So not everything I'll be taking is photographed but i'll list those things below anyway. I need to swap my tiny holdall to a cabin sized suitcase because i'm getting stressed by the  fact everything feels squashed.
I haven't gone over the top again with mine either because it's so easy to go over the top and overpack and i'm hoping to be in and out of hospital really quickly!

You can see what I packed for when I had Lucas, HERE and what I packed for when I had Iris, HERE.

 First things first, snacks! I have packed my favourite flavour of snack-a-jacks, some cereal bars and lucozade sports for energy. I never like to overeat in labour because I need to clear out my stomach not fill it. Haha! I will have to share with Brad too i'm sure, or maybe i'll order him some more snacks so he leaves mine alone!?

I have packed "stay dry pants for nights" from boots instead of maternity pads because I have heard they're a lot more comfortable. I may add in some maternity pads too to be sure but once again i'm hoping i'm not in long enough to be bothered.
I also have five pairs of high waisted black knickers for comfort, nothing fancy is needed. These ones from M&S seem super comfy.
I also have some slipper socks for after labour, it's going to be chilly and I want to keep my toes warm. I cannot remember where I got these from but they came with something and I saved them.

My pyjamas I picked up in the next sale a few months ago, they're perfect for the Christmas time of year and I LOVE brand new pyjamas post birth. They are so soft and these particular ones are maternity too so they are more comfortable. They aren't for sale anymore but the similar design for this year is available HERE.

I have headphones to listen to hypno-birthing or most likely a Christmas playlist, Buble is top of my list for birthing playlist. I am going to make one on Amazon music for birth! These are cheap from Amazon.

Toiletries wise I have

I have also packed breastfeeding bits, i have reusable breastpads from Amazon, nipple cream from Mama Mio  and Milton sanitiser for between feeds and before and after applying nipple cream.
I am hoping to have a smooth sailing breastfeeding journey this time as Iris' was lovely, so fingers crossed.

Missing out of my bag currently is an outfit for me to come home in, I haven't figured out what I want to pack, I'm thinking an easy dress as my leggings will be in use until I give birth and they could easily be dirty. I need to chuck in an old towel for after I shower, my make up bag with the bare minimum in, just some foundation, a mascara and some bronzer really - nothing too much but I would like to feel human coming home from the hospital.
I also need to pack my DSLR camera with my Sigma lens, my vlogging camera and gorilla pod. My chargers for these, my phone and my charger for my phone and probably my laptop, just incase i'm in for a few days for any reason and then I can watch TV on it or edit some photos of our new little bundle of joy.

I still cannot quite believe were so close to having this baby. FOUR weeks tomorrow! I'm not sure i'm entirely prepared... well i'm not but we're getting there. I also need to pack my hospital notes too which will be added last minute too and of course bring myself! Haha.

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