11 November 2018


Hello Thirty six weeks pregnant. I'm officially a little scared now. I am a few days away from the gestation I had Lucas and i'm a week away from full term... I am huge, uncomfortable but loving this bump of mine. I am still wondering daily about baby and who they are and what they'll be like.
I have spent the week with a mammoth list of things to do and I have ticked off a lot of it. Little things like put a lightbulb in my new lamp (for the breastfeeding through the nights) and pack that hospital bag the best I can.
  • Move Snuzpod next to the bed
  • Put carrycot on a moses basket in the lounge
  • Put car seat safely with hospital bags
  • Tidy baby's draws
  • Put lightbulb in lamp
  • Empty files onto a hard-drive to free up Macbook memory
  • Send invoice to X company
  • Pack Lucas and Iris' overnight bag for when i'm in labour
I think that's pretty good going really. I still have a few invoices to send before baby arrives, blog posts to write and schedule, I want to vlog a bit more in the run up. I need to find a few things like portable charger and make sure my cameras are always charged and ready to go.
The biggest jobs to do before baby comes is to wrap all the christmas presents and put the tree up. Our annual Christmas tree day is usually the 1st December and we make such a big deal out of it, hot chocolate, decorating, christmas music and ending with a christmas film and I don't want it to be over shadowed with breastfeeding a baby and being sore from birth (If baby comes early) so we want to do it a week earlier this year on the 24th November. I know it's early but I have a vision of after this baby arriving, a meal in the slow cooker, chilling in Christmas pyjamas, all five of us snuggled up on the same sofa, hot chocolates and booby milk, watching a Christmas film and not having to worry about anything other than each other and supplying visitors with cake and tea. I don't want to be wrapping presents on the floor feeling like my insides are falling out and having a baby hanging off my breasts and stressing about putting the tree up.
I promise i'm not that prepared usually, just this year!

Talking of Christmas, wrapping presents now, when you have no idea whether your baby is going to be *insert girls name* or *insert boys name* is really hard. I'm having to leave a gap for the name! Haha. 
I feel so much better knowing we're nearly prepared now and hopefully in four weeks time we'll be meeting our baby!!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Honeydew melon and a Cabbage patch doll
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: The next few weeks of Christmas prepping
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Sorting everything out
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted still and itchy!
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Moses basket stand and a lightbulb!
IM CRAVING: Fresh laundry still
IM LOVING: Feeling baby move

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