27 August 2018


Pram shopping has to be my most favourite thing to do ever! We bought a new pram when we had Lucas in 2014 and then changed the colour pack on the pram for when we had Iris. We sold our silver cross when we reached a stage of "are we having anymore?" so this means pram shopping is on the cards! I am so excited to get a new pram for our last tiny person. I guess the next time we'll be buying a pram will be when one of our littles has their own. I guess by that point they'll push themselves or have a robot to do it for them (joking).

I've been browsing online looking at prams so of course i'm commenting solely on the look of them, I guess i'm judging a book by its cover but we're all suckers for pretty things right?

  1. Cosatto Giggle in Pom Pom tree
    The cosatto giggle is a really lovely pram, we go on a lot of walks in the woods and the city as we don't drive so the three wheeled design is a something that i've heard is great for both of these. I love the classy patterns and they do fun designs too. I am a sucker for grey and yellow, just look at my lounge. I would team this up with the Cosatto hold car seat in pom pom tree too.
  2. Urbo2 in Dark navy with aztec print carrycot
    I love the look of this pram and the cute aztec carrycot! I have a thing for tan leather handles on prams, I think they look really classy and I really want a tan changing bag too.
    We'd likely pair this with a maxi cosi carseat or a Mamas and Papas one.
  3. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Grey
    Bugaboo's are definitely up there as my favourite pram brand, i've been loving the Cameleon since I was pregnant with Lucas and find them a really classy looking pram. I've heard nothing but good things about how well they last and the quality of them. We would team this up with a Maxi Cosi car seat.
  4. Silvercross Pioneer brompton Grey
    We've used Silvercross with both our last two, so, Silvercross is a contender again. But, at the same time, do I want to try something else? Not a clue. We'd use this with the Silvercross simplicity car seat. I am loving the grey at the moment, especially as we aren't finding out what we're having.
  5. Nuna MIXX
    I didn't know Nuna did prams, so this is new and exciting information! I love how classic and lovely it looks. It looks really sturdy and it doesn't look like it'll get dirty easily either. I would put this with the Nuna pipa!
  6. Joie Chrome DLX pushchair
    The Joie is a popular pram and the polka dot design is subtle but gives a really lovely design to a plain black pram. The carrycot looks sturdy and nice too. This would be teamed up with the Joie i-Gemm car seat as it doesn't fit any other brands.
  7. Joolz Geo2 Parrot blue 
    Joolz are another pretty pram, they look expensive and I am a sucker for a tan handle too. Although the baby's gender is being kept a secret I like it in the blue for either a boy or a girl as it is more Navy and tan and looks really classy I would team this with the Joolz beSafe izi go.
  8. Cybex Priam
    When Iris was a newborn I travelled to a Cybex event and tried out the priam and it is lovely, The autumn gold is super lush too. I love that it comes with cute little extras like the snow plough kinda thing, which up until March i'd have said was pointless but after heavy snow in March I would say its so handy. It's easily teamed up with the Cybex aton car seat too
  9. Icandy peach 
    The Icandy peach is another that I have seen in action as my friend has it and it is a nice looking pram which I never heard her say anything negative about either. I love it in this colour as it's neutral and I would get a maxi cosi car seat with this one. 
  10. Stokke Xplory 
    Once again the Stokke is a lovely looking pram, especially in the grey. I love the handle shape and height and it looks really modern. I know this is better for city walks so thats the only thing that puts me off as we do go on woodland walks a lot. This goes with the Stokke Izi Go X1 car seat.
What are your favourite prams? What prams would be on your list?

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