24 August 2018


TWENTY FIVE WEEKS! It's all coming round so quickly. I have a complete waddle now due to my hips and back pain and I can't help but laugh at myself! The movements are coming on so big and noticeable now, it's a lot more noticeable than with both Lucas and Iris' pregnancies. It's really nice actually.
Although we did have an ever so slight reduced movement concern the other day but I think a random afternoon nap through baby off.
It was last week and I had only felt one movement during the day and I never mess around with these sort of things, I would much rather look over the top than the worst case scenario. I gave it no more than an hour to get movement or I was going up the hospital. I tried everything, cold drinks, wiggling my tummy, sugar, cold, sugary drink, laying on my tummy, laying on my side, everything! I even got the doppler out, which before people get worried, I NEVER use it to say baby is okay. Baby has always detested dopplers and ultrasound wandy things on my tummy so I thought it might help and of course hearing baby's heartbeat was reassuring in that moment but it is never enough and to stop me going in.

In the end Brad suggested one more thing to try before I went to the hospital, the bath, it always gets them wiggling. I laid in the bath and as I was watching my stomach I could see it jiggling but I couldn't feel it... THEY WERE HIDING BEHIND MY PLACENTA! I was reassured but still not satisfied. I got out of the bath, laid in bed and baby went crazy, My stomach was all over the place it was amazing. I was satisfied enough and knew if it happened again I would call the day unit.

Well, since that day the movements are non stop! I have never known a baby to move so much in the womb and in all honesty it's the best feeling ever! I am so in love and wouldn't change it for the world. I love sitting at work and having my tummy slightly pressed up against the desk and feeling them booting the desk away, laying in bed and seeing my tummy make shapes, every movement is so amazing and I love it. I am so incredibly grateful and happy.

This week I have been feeling sore with my back and hips again and have also noticed I feel sicky again at times too. I can't believe I am only a few weeks away from the third trimester, it's been speeding by.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A Cauliflower or a baseball glove via Ovia
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: My midwife appointment at the end of the week
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: The increase in movements
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Still really really sleepy!
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing this week!
IM CRAVING: SLEEP, still no cravings but I am getting the urge to chew sponge again and I hate it. I have had to mute peoples Insta-stories as everyones jumping on a cleaning hype and all i want to do is suck water off of their sponge!
IM LOVING: Brad's face lighting up when baby moves
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Have an Un-interrupted night sleep, which I am going to get on Sunday Morning! YAYYY.

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