20 June 2018


I still find it strange my tiny, little, dinky dot of a Daughter is going to become a big Sister in December. It's crazy. She's already obsessed with babies so introducing her to a doll is to help encourage her to be gentle. She's pretty good but i'm hoping I can get her to stop accidentally poking eyes when she points out body parts.

Thankfully because Iris LOVES babies, she's obsessed with dolls and real babies so that has helped so far.
She spent a fraction of our trip to visit my friend Tiff and her new baby the other day kissing his head, so much so he had gingerbread crumbs in his hair.

Iris has had a doll since her first birthday which was lovely but it was a small doll and had a really creepy face, so when baby Annabell arrived I was so happy as she is just how I remember her from being a child. Iris loved her instantly, she is soft and easy for Iris to carry around unlike Baby born who Iris loves but has been struggling to carry around bless her.

My first baby Annabell is simple but at the same time is more than enough to not confuse Iris. She closes her eyes when she lays down which is how I've explained to Iris that when a baby is laying down and their eyes are closed they're asleep and you need to be quiet and Iris goes "shhhh" with her finger to her mouth which is absolutely adorable to say the least.

I can't help but think she thinks Hermes delivers babies because whenever I say there's a baby in my tummy she just looks at me and mimics my pat. She definitely understands baby's more once they're earth side.  She rocks the baby, cuddles it and kisses it, which is so cute and she is really is gentle.

It comes with a bottle too, which although I am planning on breastfeeding again, there will come a time where she will be able to feed the baby expressed milk via a bottle so it's helping her.
I know there are some people who moan about the fact babies come with a bottle but as a breastfeeder, I don't think until the real baby is here that Iris will understand milk comes from boobies and feeds babies. So, i'm more than happy for Iris to feed her baby with a bottle.

I'm just as nervous this time with Iris becoming becoming a big Sister as I was with Lucas becoming a big Brother and although Lucas was great with Iris there were times he was a little un-gentle and he would wake up up sometimes when she was asleep, so fingers crossed having a doll will help Iris understand a little more.

*We were gifted My first baby Annabell in return for an honest review! All words, pictures and opinions are my own.*

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