11 June 2018


As promised, here is part two from our amazing trip to Croatia in April. Apologises for how long it has taken. We had the best time and I was so happy to have had the best trip where we made the best memories. The last two full days weren't overly busy but we still felt like we had done loads and didn't miss a thing. We loved the old town a lot and it was somewhere I will never forget, it was beautiful. It was full of the most beautiful architecture and orange trees and contains so much history. 

The cobbled streets of the old town are just so beautiful, there are steps leading up to so many more places that we unfortunately couldn't go to as the pram wouldn't allow it but if you're without a pram or have access to a baby/toddler carrier then definitely use one of those as I promise you'll be able to see more and make life easier. There's even a cable car you can use too, we didn't but I can imagine the view was AMAZING.

Walking around the old town felt like you were in a movie (which of course technically you are) and if you take away the fact you can tell you're surrounded by tourists by the many different languages being spoken around you, you really feel the croatian culture.
Little market stalls selling local products, sweets, jewellery, lavender scented items, handmade wooden toys, it was wonderful.
The locals so friendly and welcoming of the children and offering them samples of candied fruits.

I always forget how beautiful I find old bricked buildings, cobbled streets and well architecture really. I find it all so fascinating and it makes a great photograph too. I like to study the history around it when I get back home too (or whilst i'm there if there's somewhere to read or learn about it).

I was happy to find a christmas shop too. Even in April it's exciting to find a christmas shop. There is usually one in every city. We went in one in March in Edinburgh too. There is something about finding little handmade christmas decorations that have character and something you can bring home, put on your tree to remember the year of adventure you've had.

We visited an aquarium whilst in the old town, it cost about 60kn each which was about £7ish (both kids were free) and we were so excited about the baby seahorses and the octopus mostly. We named to octopus "HANK" of course, we're original us Disney fanatics.

We also had the best ice cream ever on this day. Lucas had biscuit, Brad had a flavour I cannot remember and I had mojito! Mojito ice cream is absolutely to die for. I can't even express how amazing it was. Iris slept through this ice cream time but we all enjoyed it very much whilst soaking up the sun on a doorstep. People watching and feeling incredibly grateful for being in this beautiful city.

That afternoon the sun got too hot and we couldn't walk down the cobbled streets anymore, they just attract the heat, so we headed back on the bus, got changed and headed to sunset beach again. The kids loved it and Lucas spent his time running around with the go pro finding fish.

One thing I'd wish we'd done is known about the sandy beaches earlier, thankfully myself and the littles had jelly shoes but Brad didn't so had to walk over the stones bare foot.  That being said, sunset beach is stunning and the views are amazing.

Our final day arrived and it instantly made me feel sad, I could blame the pregnancy hormones but at the same time I was excited about a day at the beach with the littles. It was the hottest day of the week and it was a nice end to our week. Nothing busy and just a day relaxing. This was needed for me as the nausea and exhaustion was becoming really intense by this week.

We headed up to the local supermarket which was the second furthest away. We were advised not to use the one by sunset beach as they up their prices for tourists, so we headed to the one a bit further away. We grabbed lunch for the day and some ice cream.
Lucas chose chocolate croissants for lunch for him and Iris and some Croatian crisps again.
We had a really yummy ice cream and I had a cute, colourful twister ice lolly.

The best part about being on a stoney beach is the sea life, we found a "soot sprite" a sea urchin to most, so many fishes, colourful, big and small and Lucas loved finding them and also finding them with the go pro. He says it's his favourite part, which is cute.

The last two days were really easy going, relaxing and involved the sea a lot. We had the best time in Croatia and would recommend anyone goes if they can. There's so much more to see and do in there too, we didn't want to overwhelm the littles and feel like we didn't miss out. One day we'll head back again just Brad and I, years and years away but we're really happy with what we did see and do there.