12 March 2018


Becoming a Mother can sometimes be the reason you sadly lose yourself but recently i've been trying really hard to find myself again and that means stepping out in front of the camera and not hiding behind it so much.
Since the start of the year i've been trying working hard to change a lot, including my mindset. It started really with a lot of MAC products under the Christmas tree (thank you parents) and then a new hair cut, a trip to the Estée Lauder counter in John Lewis to see what all the fuss was about with their foundation and spending my birthday money on a few items of clothing.
So, along with my "What Lucas | Iris wore" posts i'm planning on doing more of, this is my second, what Mama wore style post and will be the second of many more.

Last Wednesday we boarded the overnight train to Edinburgh for a Birthday | Mini moon break and we had the best time ever. We had two days in Edinburgh and I this is what I wore.

I purchased the denim jacket from Primark in the morning of our trip as I wanted one to wear with my dress I had picked out for day two. The weather in Edinburgh was pretty chilly on the Thursday but not too cold so I picked out

Black slip dress | ASOS | £18
Striped tee | ASOS | £14
Tights | New Look | £8.99
Denim Jacket | Primark | £25
Shoes | ASDA |  £12.50

I absolutely love the black slip dress as it's great for so many things and a great wardrobe investment. You can wear any colour tee underneath or even a shirt, long sleeves, sort sleeves even a jumper. It's also great to wear on a night out with nothing underneath. I originally purchased this dress to wear to my cousins 21st birthday party and kept both sizes to wear. I just think it's a lovely.

I also think the denim jacket is another item you need in your wardrobe too (as well as a faux leather one) they go with basically everything and where you can't wear the denim (dodgy double denim duo) you can put a leather jacket on instead.

I wear maternity leggings because they pull up over my flabby tum not because I have a secret. Haha.

We spent a lot of the day walking around so I opted for comfy shoes and the blue skies had come out and it was slightly warmer and I did nearly brave the "no tights" look but I got scared so put them on and I was right to do that as later that day I had to put my scarf on too as it got super chilly. It's strange because it was meant to be warmer but certainly felt colder.

Shirt dress | New Look | £19.99
Converse | Office | £64.99
Tights | New Look | £8.99
Denim Jacket | Primark | £25

I love this shirt dress from New look and I can't wait to wear it in Summer with no tights on. I don't button it all the way down to my shins but you can do if you like that. I think its going to be so nice in the summer as it's so lightweight and lovely. I also think it will be great even as I lose weight because it can be an oversized dress too.

Isn't my "Insta husband" doing a great job? He's getting there slowly.