23 February 2018


While we were in Disneyland we decided to have lunch with the Princesses at Auberge de Cendrillion as I know sometimes it can be a little difficult to meet all the Princesses and it's always lovely for the children to build up the kids autograph books and to have some lovely one to one interaction with the characters. 
Lucas talks about this lunch all the time and was by far up there as one of his favourite parts of the entire trip.

The lunch costs £68 per adult and £40 per child. If you want a lunch for your infant please tell them as we had to share bits off of our plates and the portions are far from sharing sizes. 
The food is definitely a high quality and is delicious. Brad was in his element, he loves fancy, rich flavour foods and thats exactly what they offer here.

The characters come around and are wonderful. The princesses are so lovely and take their time. You don't feel rushed, they take photos and make your children feel so special and like they're the only ones in the room. 
Iris wasn't sure, I think she thought they were going to steal her food, she's very protective of her food but Lucas was absolutely in his element.
Lucas is a huge fan of Rapunzel and every character that came to the table had the same effect on him. He jumped up, handed them his book and had a huge grin on his face. 
Nothing beats a huge grin and knowing that you've made a huge positive impact on their day. 

I would say that the food is very fancy and maybe a little too fancy but it is such a lovely restaurant and the experience itself is worth every penny. Lunch and meeting 7 characters, 5 being Princesses is unlikely to happen on your trip without this lunch, so if you can afford it; book it.

Overall, this lunch was wonderful and the dessert was amazing and my favourite thing on the menu was the Cinderella cocktail!
I would 100% suggest if you have a princess obsessed child to book this.