11 December 2017


So, the more videos I put together and the more photos I edit the more I long to be back in the happiest place on earth. Smelling the sweet scents, seeing the lovely sights and making friends with the characters. It really is my favourite place to be and I feel so secure and content there.

Waking up in the hotel Cheyenne for our second full day with two poorly children was pretty rubbish. I worried it would ruin the magic and make the memories ruined slightly but even through the occasional sad outburst of "my legs hurt," "I feel poorly" or "I got a cough" the smiles still managed to overtake the sadness and make sure that memories were made and positive.

Our second full day consisted of a lot character meets along with a character breakfast experience which I will be doing a separate post on. We've never really done character meets before but we decided to buy Lucas an autograph book and he adored filling it up and getting the characters to "draw in his book" it was the absolute cutest.

Heading around Disney on the second day we explored Frontier land, discovery land and adventure land. Adventure land is one of my favourites for the Aladdin part and the Lion King and Jungle book parts. Frontier land is great as we got to meet Jack Skellington there and it also leads to the frozen fun land where you can see the frozen sing along and its so much fun.

The second day was our final full day in the main Disney park and we decided to go back early and get the littles some toys with their money and we all went back and watch Disney Junior, played with new toys and chilled. Sometimes forcing yourself to stay out in the parks when you feel ready to go back to the hotel will make the day unenjoyable and actually calling it a day keeps the magic and when you return to a Disney hotel you're still in a magical place and surrounded by Disney!

The second day consisted of Woody meeting Lucas dressed as Woody and Sleeping Beauty sat in front of her castle looking super cute. It was such a magical day and going back with Lucas' new toys Woody and Buzz and Iris having the 25 anniversary castle play-set. They're incredibly lucky children.

Being a photographer, blogger and vlogger is amazing because I have captured memories forever and the kids love watching them back. Lucas still watches them back from when he first went and gets really excited and Iris just ooh's at them! I just love that doing this means capturing these moments to watch back in years to come.