10 December 2017


Marrying Brad was something I had dreamed of for such a long time and we finally made the plunge to book last year after a tax rebate. We secured deposits on a ceremony venue, reception venue and our honeymoon. There was absolutely no discussions or sitting for hours browsing travel agent websites looking for ideas - We just knew. We knew the only place that was perfect for our honeymoon would be Disneyland Paris. Taking the kids was the other thing that was a no brainer, of course traditionally a honeymoon is just for the two of you but we weren't traditional, nothing about us is traditional and it just wouldn't have felt right without the children. It wouldn't have been as magical or fun without them; even with them being poorly.

We didn't know whether to fly right away after the wedding and catch the end of the halloween decor or to wait an extra month for the Christmas time. We decided to wait and to go at the most wonderful time of the year and it did NOT disappoint.
Being parents, as well as newly weds, was all about capturing the moments and memories and making our family-moon something to remember forever. Twinkly lights, fake snow falling as you walked down main street to the castle, the smell of hot dogs, popcorn and candy-floss and the most beautiful glittery decorations are imprinted forever in my brain along with the giggles and ooh's from the children and the smiles that were on all four of our faces the whole time. (Except Iris' who cried at some of the characters.)

I will never forget my first time walking towards a Disney castle, it was something I ALWAYS wanted to do as a kid but unfortunately money was tighter for us growing up and we couldn't go. Which is absolutely okay but something I always wanted to make sure my kids got to experience in case they lost the magic or love as they grow older.
I was 16 when I first walked towards the Disney castle. It was Florida in October 2010 with an ex boyfriend. It was amazing and even if we aren't together or even friends anymore it was still a wonderful holiday and I saw and did a lot.
The next time I walked down was probably the second most magical. Lucas was in Brad's arms and I was holding Brad's hand. I have never felt anything like it, it was just so magical and I felt so lucky to be with my fiancé and my first born child and everything I ever imagined doing with my own child/ren.

Then we have last week, the MOST magical time ever. I didn't get the same feeling as I did the first time we went to Disney as we had seen it before and it wasn't the "Oh, WOW" feeling, if that makes sense but it gave me the same butterflies, the same excitement and walking hand in hand with my new Husband and Son and pushing our Daughter in her pram on our family-moon meant more to me than anything in the world and I felt so lucky in that very moment.
Disneyland/world is somewhere we want to visit more and visit at different times of the year and to see different things. We want to visit different Disney resorts and parks around the world. 90% of people claim to be the worlds biggest Disney fans and honestly Brad and I would be one of those people too. It's so special to us and I'm so glad I married a Disney fanatic too. Disney makes me heart full, makes me happy, brings me joy and when Brad or I are feeling sad we just love to snuggle up with salted popcorn for me and sweet for Brad and watch a Disney movie in a fluffy dressing gown, under a duvet. The kids have adapted this and they're exactly the same. When the kids feel ill, sad or tired they want to do the exact same. 

Disney at Christmas is breathtaking, utterly breathtaking. The thought they put into it is just so amazing. With so many more shows and parades to watch and see make it so exciting. With the Disney's Christmas Parade, A merry Stitchmas, Mickey's magical christmas lights, Stars on parade and the illuminations show all in the main Disneyland park to catch there is just so much to do and see.

This time we dressed the littles up as Disney characters, they had 3 costumes each for our 3 full days. Belle was the first day and Iris looked the most beautiful little thing in the park and Lucas was Buzz lightyear and he looked absolutely amazing and was the coolest kid in the whole park and I just loved seeing them dressed up. I would recommend dressing your kids up if you can as it really does make it super cute and magical.

Our first part of the blog includes photos of the Disney's Christmas Parade and Stars On Parade.