7 September 2017


Anyone who follows my blog or me knows I am OBSESSED with Autumn, truly and utterly obsessed. I just love everything about it and I just can't get enough of everything about Autumn. I love the scents, the colours, the clothes, the chill in the air and Halloween.
Halloween is my second favourite "holiday" after Christmas. I am always so happy to see the back of Summer. It's like "Bye Felicia."

So, Lucas started Forest School yesterday so during his 3 hours today we hung around in the forest and took some photos of Iris in one of her new Autumn outfits.
Now, we're usually tagging the kids insta photos as Zara but Next's little Girls range was just so beautiful Iris ended up with a good amount of Next clothes this Autumn/Winter. They had so much stunning Monochrome bits and Mustard and Rust bits. Something that caught my eye was this gorgeous Cinnamon Bear Pinafore which is £10 in Next, which you can buy HERE. It's so lovely and such a cute little piece that can be worn with so many different tees underneath. Iris is wearing this cute Peter Pan Collar Tee which was from Next in store for £4.50 and I can't find one online so here's one I found from Zara for £3.99 which you can buy HERE. She then has some cream tights which she was bought for Christmas last year but she's such a dink they're still slightly too big this year, so here's a pack I found on Next with the same colours in. Which you can buy HERE.

Now, a question I'm asked a lot is where I get all Iris' headbands from. I used to buy them from little independent Insta and Etsy shops but money is tight with the wedding so I needed some bargains. I found a website that works out 70p each for most of Iris' tie bands and £3.50 a pack for her thin elastic bows. They're made amazingly well and I have no faults at all. They usually come from China and postage is mostly free too. They say 30-50days expected delivery but unless it's a super busy time of year it usually arrives a lot quicker than that. So buy your Christmas bows now! The website is ALI EXPRESS and You can get loads on there. Iris' chevron tie bow can be bought HERE.

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. I say it every year. I love Pumpkin Spice, I love the knitted accessories, the colours of clothes, colours of surroundings, the photography, the backdrops, the smell when you leave the house in the Morning, the dark evenings, the candles, the lead up to Halloween, everything. Iris was born during my favourite month and I am so happy.

This year we wed, 3 days after Halloween and I cannot wait - Our Autumnal theme is perfect.
HAPPY AUTUMN GUYS! Enjoy your Pumpkin spice and your sweet smelling candles! Enjoy your mustard, Cinnamon and rust coloured clothing and go and enjoy the crunch leaf walks and conker, Pine cone and Acorn hunting.
Embrace the beauty of Autumn, I know we are.