6 September 2017


Dear little Lucas,

Today you reached a huge milestone in your life - you started Forest School. So here I am, writing a letter to you on your first day at Forest School.
It's a massive step for you and one that you handled like a pro. No tears, no tantrums. "Bye bye, Mama and Nanna," you said and wandered off to play with new friends. You're truly a big boy, like you tell us daily and we couldn't be prouder.
Being your Mum for the past 3 years has been wonderful. It's been challenging, hard work but something that has been amazing for us. This time next year you'll be walking into those doors of Year R for the first time and I think thats when it's going to hit me harder.
At the moment I can pull you out if you needed to be, we can change schools easily and we can take you out for holidays, next year we cannot do that as easily.

In the past three years you've grown so much, from my tiny 6lb 5oz baby boy to this tall, skinny, handsome boy. You've gone from wearing nappies to being toilet trained, you've gone from goo gooing to chatting all day, everyday and I love it - Even when I cannot get you to shut up.

Today I was so proud, proud of how much you've grown up and how bright you are. You're sensitive and caring and have a lot of love for so many people. You're in a really cheeky place with your behaviour at the moment, throwing things at people, being mean at times and not always playing nicely, you're full of energy, so much energy that even a 6 mile walk can't kill it off so it will be interesting to see how Forest School helps with your social skills.
You also like to wee in bushes and your forest school teacher calls it "Wild Wee'ing" and they discourage in the fenced off area but aren't against it, which is great. So hopefully you learn to tactfully wild wee! Haha.

I asked you a few questions before you went and it will be lovely to see how that changes in a year.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Train Driver
Who is your best friend? Poppy and Iris Raine
What is your favourite colour? Blue
What is your favourite animal? Giraffe

It's exciting to see how this changing next year.
You're desperate to marry Poppy which is super cute.

Lucas, I am so proud of you and all that you do. You're full of joy and love for everyone and everything. You love nature, except slugs, you like to step on slugs; which is discouraged.
You're going to grow so much and I cannot wait to see how you change and grow over the next year before school.

I hope you're having the best first day. I am enjoying working whilst Iris naps and I'll see you at 3pm!

Love you dearly