12 July 2017


We've been huge Kiddylicious fans for a while. We've tried all of their products and some of the kids favourite snacks are by Kiddylicious. They have recently just announced a new range called 'Little bistro'. Now, I am a snob when it comes to pre-packed meals for kids. I do not like jars but am happy to use pouches. The problem with pouches is the spout means less chunks and a more puree'd dinner for Iris.

Iris is baby-led weaning so I much prefer chunkier food and she's absolutely fine with most solids now. When I discovered the Little Bistro range I was over the moon. The have clear packaging, great chunks and are slow cooked so it's not fried or boiled or over processed.
Iris tried the tikka masala with rice on the first night and loved it, then she tried the fish pie and it got a thumbs up too. She used her hands to scoop it up and the chunks make it so much easier. She did need a good old dunk in the bath once she'd finished.

One thing that I am really funny about is sauces. I don't like using jarred sauces for the kids, especially Iris. Now Lucas is three I am less worried about him as he has a great balanced diet and can handle more of a sugar and salt intake than Iris. This means when making a curry, fish pie, pasta, chicken, ect... I leave off a lot of sauces. On her roast dinners she doesn't have gravy and in fish pie I try to leave it with something as simple as coconut milk. This means not a lot of flavour and I want her to have more exciting flavours than just bland food.

This is where the first stage pouches come in handy. They're completely puree'd so for Iris being stage 3-4 she couldn't really feed them to herself. So last night when I was making egg fried rice for Brad and I and Lucas wanted Sausage and chips, I chucked some extra rice in the pan and added the Sweet potato and coconut puree to the rice and made her a sort of meat-free curry. She loved it. She demolished so much. Next time I think i'll add some chicken so she has a curry.

What I love about them, also, is the price. Stage 3-4 is £2.10-£2.30 and most of the time Iris eats the same as us and Lucas but some days he'll want turkey animals and chips and I can chuck one of these in the microwave and dinner is super easy all round.

There is currently 10 products out there to buy from Morrisons, TESCO, Sainsbury's, ASDA, ocado and Amazon and soon they'll be releasing 9 new dishes too.
Kiddylicious is always focusing on development and health. Did you know that bigger chunks encourage speech, no spouts encourage speech, protect teeth and with the low acidity it helps prevent dental erosion on those little milk teeth, enriched to support muscle and brain development, simply delicious as it's as good as home-made and they use clear pouches because they have nothing to hide.

Little Bistro has both mine and Iris' votes. We love everything about them and they smell so fresh when heated up too. Which is always a positive.

*This is a paid review. All words, pictures and opinions are my own*