11 July 2017


Something I have always wanted to do is take the kids out during golden hour and go for a walk. Yesterday we missed bedtime and I decided that it was time.
We gave them dinner, got them bathed and headed off on the bus to our local 'Riverside' for golden hour.
There is something so lovely and quiet about the river at that time of night. We got there at 8:15pm, so most kids were at home and there were only a few dog walkers and joggers.

Yesterday was a really nice evening. It was a hot day so the evening was warm and we didn't need jackets. The sky was clear and the sun beamed a golden light off making a gorgeous colour on the photos. It was bliss.

Lucas has this new basket, which was filled with fancy biscuits and tea at one point. It has a solid handle and is perfect for collecting things around the garden. He loves it and last night wanted to take it with us to collect things from our walk; which he is currently using to paint with.
He collected stones, feathers, flowers, leaves, used train tickets and a button. It gave him something exciting to do and its interesting to sit and talk about the things he has found on his walk or in the garden. As seasons change and nature changes we'll find different things and I think that is really lovely.

Iris at the crawling and pulling herself up stage so she loved pulling herself up when we went to feed the Ducks.
We sat on the pontoon and broke up some bread. Now I know bread isn't meant to be good for Ducks and Swans but we had a few slices of gone off bread and the kids were desperate to feed them.
We saw some Ducklings, Signets and the Mama Ducks and Swans too. Lucas kept saying "Oh, Baby Ducks, so cute," and it melted my heart entirely.
He is constantly saying that he loves Iris cause she's a baby and she's cute.

We then headed to the park and let the kids run around. We went on the swings, down the slide and Lucas made friends with a few other children also having late nights.
Iris then fell asleep and we headed to the edge of the water to catch the pink sunset around 9:15pm and then headed for the bus.

Lucas ended up going to bed at 10pm and still got up at 6:30am this morning. What is that all about? I wanted a lay-in.
Either way, last night was lovely. An evening stroll, by the river with my little family in golden hour.
Nothing could be better than that.