11 May 2017


We're in a world surrounded by people who like to complain. I mean we're all guilty of complaining its a "British" thing to do. Social media is one of those places where moaning, moaning about social media, moaning about things we do and even screenshotting or sneakily taking pictures or videos of others and posting them online (That's a different post in itself).

One thing I find dotted around the internet is "I'm sick of seeing pictures of your kids" or "I'm deleting Betty as all she does is post pictures of her kid". I have also seen MEMEs of sloth from the goonies with the caption 'When you post pictures of your kid, this is what I see'. I mean its cruel in itself but mocking a kid for its appearance is a little low.

Now of course like every other Mother or Father out there I am incredibly proud of my children and think they're the most beautiful littles on the planet. Thats normal and totally okay so why are we made to feel bad for wanting to show them off?
I understand that not everyone can have children and it must be incredibly hard to see others children when you're longing for one yourself. I know that when I had my miscarriage I felt that way myself so anyone in that category this doesn't apply to you.

I have lost a lot of friends post babies. I have also gained a load too and I can say the new ones are honestly the best thing since having my littles.  I also saw a decrease in Facebook friends too. I deleted a lot of people after having Lucas due to the constant moaning of "I'm sick of seeing baby pictures on my friends list" type statuses. If you don't like it delete people, use the unfollow button. It's really simple there is absolutely no reason to make anyone feel bad about how they live their life.
I see lots of food, gym, beauty, selfies and drunken nights out on my timeline a lot of the time and although it's not in my interests, i'll hit like or i'll just scroll on past.

As a photographer I am always wanting practice. I am always learning, gaining new knowledge and trying out new editing styles. This means I take a lot of photos of the kids and am constantly uploading them. These photos were some I took on a trip to the park the other day and edited them differently to normal. I made them bright and bought the colours out and I just fell in love with them. The kids look so cute so I shared them.

I'm super lucky and my close family live close but Brad's Dad lives miles away so is the only way he can keep up to date with the kids easily. So it's nice for that part of the family to be up to date with them. So NO i'll never stop posting photos of my children online.

If you don't like seeing images of peoples kids online, delete them, unfollow them or keep scrolling. They're proud of their kids.