4 November 2016


Dear little Iris,

This is my first letter to you as your mummy, earth side anyway. You've been out of the womb 13 days! I cannot believe it. these are photos of you from the first few days out of my womb and i've been totally exhausted since to upload them or to write a post. I wish these photos were better but we had rubbish lighting because it was October and cloudy, and also you're a fussy, little mummy's girl who wouldn't be put down long enough for me to go and get my light or take any better ones. You also were really squashy and grumpy in the photos too.

We're on day 13 of a challenging breastfeeding journey, something i'll write a post about in the future as I feel it's really important to talk about and give some advice, as such and show what we've been using and doing in order to continue to make it work.

You've been so wonderful to snuggle with, you're absolutely wonderful. You're a little clingy and you don't like being put down, you don't like to not be in my arms or attached to the booby. You're totally adorable and I don't mind, but when daddy goes back to work I am dreading the clinginess whilst I look after your brother too on your own.
It's all worth it in the long run, you two are my absolute world. I feel so lucky, so blessed, so in awe of both of you little humans that I created, grew and nurtured inside and outside.

My heart is so full, you're my beautiful little girl, and your brother is my handsome little boy. You're both so different already, you both have such different personalities already. It's crazy, so crazy, how different two children from the same set of parents can be.

Iris Raine Walters, you one of two, most precious gifts, i've been lucky enough to be blessed with and I am so, so grateful for you and your brother. 
Life feels so perfect with you both. 

Even if you've made me exhausted and sore, I love every pound and ounce of you.

Thank you for making me a mother again,
I love you to the moon and back,