11 October 2016


Dear little Iris,

So i'm pretty sure this is my first ever letter to you, i'm 38 weeks pregnant and you're still hanging on in there. You must be really comfy in there, and for that, i'm really happy for you, but mummy is really not comfy and to be honest as much as she adores being pregnant, being pregnant with you and the fact I know i'm going to miss my 'Iris bump' a lot when it's gone, we're so eager to meet you now.

I think about all your cute little features, who will you look like, will you look like mummy, daddy or your big brother? Will you have hair? Will you have a strawberry birth mark like your brother? How much will you weigh? What colour eyes will you have? The list goes on and on. You're already so loved by us and everything is all ready and set up for you.

Your clothes are ready, your hospital bag is packed, your snuzpod is set up next to me, your mummy, ready for easy breasfeeding and falling asleep holding your tiny little hand and fingers. I wish we'd known about the snuzpod when were expecting your brother. Your car seat is set up by the door, your pram is all ready to go too.
I look at your clothes every morning and find it so hard to believe that you will be wearing them soon. You'll be coming out and i'll finally get to press a kiss upon your soft baby forehead and cuddle you. I'll be able to smell that newborn baby smell and know that you're ours.

I'll get that rush of love and overwhelming bubble of emotions as I lay my eyes on you for the first time and know that all the aches and pains and 9 months of exhaustion are so worth it and have all come down to this very moment.

I hope that I have a successful VBAC with you, and that you're not evacuated via the sunroof like your brother. I hope that the image I have of your brother meeting you for the first time is reality and not expectation. I really hope that you love us as much as we love you. I hope you're healthy and happy and to us you'll be the most beautiful little girl on the planet.

We cannot wait to meet you rainbow girl, so please come out soon.
With all my love,